Why Does it Hurt So Much to Have a Soulmate?

Have a Soulmate

Everyone is always looking for a soulmate but one thing that they don’t realize is that their soulmate will hurt them. Why does your soulmate hurt you? A soulmate relationship should be something that is a different standard than other relationships, but the truth is that your soulmate will hurt you along the way and you will never get a real answer as to why that happens.

Your soulmate will have strong feelings for you, and you will feel the same for them. You will have a soul connection that is deep, but this doesn’t mean that they will always treat you how you want to be treated.

Your soulmate will be different than other relationships that you have, and this is one reason why it is so hurtful sometimes.

Why Your Soulmate Hurts You

Having a soulmate is not cut and dry and it is sometimes hard to handle. You have strong feelings for each other, and this means that the emotions can be very tense and strong sometimes.

You will face hardships with each other, and this will cause there to be hurt feelings but that is all part of the soulmate situation. There will be lessons that you and your soulmate should learn along the way and part of that will be about feelings and hurting each other.

Just because you have a soulmate doesn’t mean that they will not hurt you over and over again. You don’t expect this to happen with your soulmate and so you will hold them at a different level than everyone else. Your soulmate is not someone that is different than you or other people, they are just more connected to you and so the lessons that you learn along the way will be similar.

The universe wants you to have a relationship with your soulmate but if you are always putting each other down or causing each other pain, the universe will no longer let this relationship last.

If you or your soulmate tolerate the hurt, this is not what your soulmate relationship is supposed to be about, and you cannot let it continue. If you choose to let it keep happening, you will keep getting hurt and you will see that the universe will end this relationship.

You need to stop the hurt and learn to not be afraid that they will walk away from you. If you are insecure in your relationship, this will make you feel like they can treat you anyway that they want and that is wrong.


You have to stop making excuses for your soulmate and how they are hurting you. You cannot blame these actions on the universe or the connection, especially if you keep letting it happen. Even if you have a strong connection, the universe did create it, but you cannot blame the universe.

You are not being forced to stay in that relationship and if you choose to not take responsibility for how you are being treated, you will just get hurt even more.

You have to face that you are hurt, and you have to let your soulmate know what they are doing to you. You have a special bond with them and if they are denying what you are saying, you need to let them go.

They should not have an excuse for how they treat you, but you have to stop letting it be personal to you. When you are hurting, it is hard to distance yourself form someone, but you are not responsible for teaching people how to treat you. You need to learn your lesson and remove yourself from their life for a while and let things get better.

When your soulmate is there and he or she isn’t work through their issues to make the relationship better, you need to make a decision to stop letting them hurt you.

If your feelings are hurt, you need to look at your own actions and see if you are causing any of it and if you aren’t, have compassion on them but learn to move on. You can live without your soulmate in the picture.

Having to constantly allow your own feelings to be hurt in order to keep yourself with someone is not a smart idea and you need to really do some inner work to see what your next move should be.