Understanding Fairies

Understanding Fairies

Do you ever wonder about fairies, and you are curious about where they live? The interesting thing is that they can live almost anywhere from trees to flowerpots. You might get lucky and see one!

Understanding Fairies

Most people think that fairies are just make believe and that they are found in fairytales. The truth is thought, some people on earth are fairies. You might think that you know what a fairy is going to look like, but they are different, and they look different, some like you.

Fairies can be small and pretty and some can be very strange looking. They might want something in return from you such as a cake or fruit and they might even be mischievous.

Irish Fairies

Many people believe in fairies even today. In places like Ireland, Norway, Iceland, Scotland and England, there is a lot of people that believe in fairies. Fairies are creatures that have kings and if you hear music in the air and you aren’t sure where it came from, it might be the fairies having a party.

Irish superstition talks about not messing with things like trees because if you do you can be taking the home of a fairy. Some trees such as the Hawthorne trees are considered sacred, and they will even change the direction of highways so that they don’t disturb trees and bring bad luck.


There are fairy circles that are found in Namibia, and they will show up for no reason. Then they will just disappear. Some believe that this is fairies dancing under the moon.

Wild Fairies

There are other fairies that live in the wild and can be found in underground kingdoms, mounds, trees, rocks, grass and more. There are also gnomes and elves. Fairies come in different sizes and shapes and are from different tribes, even human tribes.

Fairy Land

There is a place called Fairy World and it is a place where these extraterrestrial creatures live. They have their own homes and communities.

Gardens, Flowers and More

Fairies like to live in places where they won’t be bothered by humans. They live under the ground, in trees or in h ills. They are also mermaids and sea creatures that live in the water.

There are other types of fairies, some live in the sky and are Cloud fairies and others live in the flowers and are Flower fairies. These can be found in your garden or anywhere.

Fairy Homes

You can find different fairy homes depending on where the fairies live. Here are some of the most known homes:

Logs and Stumps

Some fairies live in the forest and will live in logs and stumps. They can hide there form humans and animals and won’t be bothered.

Tree Homes

Another place that fairies live is in tree homes. These are trees, bushes and other places that are hard to tell that they are there.


Some fairies will live in mushrooms because they can make houses out of them and can be hidden. This is a great place for them to hide.


Fairies love to be on the grass and on the hills. They will find mounds to live in and some of them are super populated by fairies.


People can’t normally see what is behind a waterfall and sometimes fairies will make their homes there.

Stones and Rocks

There are rocks and stones everywhere and if you get lucky, you might find that this is a place for the fairies to live. These are homes that can keep the fairies hidden and keep them safe. Since the rocks are all shapes and colors, it makes it easier for them to hide.


Some fairies will live in flower beds, and this helps to keep the garden strong and safe.

Building a Fairy, a Home

You can invite a fairy to come to your home by giving them a place in your garden. You can find things that they can hide in, and this will make them want to be there. Make sure that you choose a place without children and animals to bother it.

Here are some things that you can put in your fairy garden:

  • Pick a theme.
  • Use flower pots or planters.
  • Use logs, stones, or flowers.
  • Plant with organic potting soil.
  • Use pebbles or moss.
  • Be creative.
  • Decorate with miniature chairs, fences, and shells.

Then leave the garden alone and allow the fairies to live. Leave them certain things that they can use such as offerings and always keep it clean. Be kind and you will see that you can make fairy friends fast.

Now that you know where the fairies live, be careful of your surroundings. Make sure that you keep things clean and that you always take care of nature around you.