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What Happens When You’re Ungrounded?

Grounding is a concept that is often known in the spiritual world or part of new age but if you are someone that is often stressed or unable to get things done, the more grounded that you become the more you can face things going on around you. Grounding is more than just a concept it is also a practice that you can do to help yourself heal. Grounding is so important because it doesn’t just affect...[Read More]

You Can Manifest Anything

You are the one that is in control of your life, and you can make your dreams come true by manifesting things. Even if you think this might be hard, people manifest and keep doing it because it really works. Understanding Manifestation This is something that you put out into the world because you want it. You do this by reaching into your higher self and putting out all of the abilities that you h...[Read More]

Understanding Fairies

Do you ever wonder about fairies, and you are curious about where they live? The interesting thing is that they can live almost anywhere from trees to flowerpots. You might get lucky and see one! Understanding Fairies Most people think that fairies are just make believe and that they are found in fairytales. The truth is thought, some people on earth are fairies. You might think that you know what...[Read More]

Finding Your Shadow Self

You need to figure out what your shadow self is because this can help you to better your life. Your shadow self is part of you that is the dark parts of who you are. This is the part of you that you have chosen to ignore and to hide from yourself and others. You repressed theses things and hid them from your own thoughts and knowledge, but they are still inside of you. They cause you to act in a c...[Read More]

Keep Your Energy Circle Small

There are some people that come around us that are angry or always seem down in life. When they come around you though, did you know that it can make you feel the same way? You can tell what kind of person that you are around by the way that they talk to others, treat them and how they act. Rather you have a relative, a co-worker or a friend that acts like this, you might wander what you can do ab...[Read More]

Grounding Yourself in a Month or Less

Life isn’t always easy, and it can be hard and overwhelming. There might be days that you feel that you get so much done and then other days that you feel that nothing was accomplished. Maybe you aren’t able to get things done or maybe you aren’t sleeping well. If this is happening, you need to make sure that you are grounding yourself daily. The challenge for you is to take a few minutes each day...[Read More]

Show Off Your Positive Energies

We live in a place that there is all kinds of negativity. We see people around us as being hurtful and rude and the world is full of prejudice and war. Since there is energy all around you, why not change the energy from something negative to something positive. There are things that you can do to show off your positive energies so that others can experience the positivity with you. Here are some ...[Read More]

Living in the Magic Times

You will meet new people and do new things along your path. Things will get hard sometimes and it is important that you love yourself and you love the world around you. Even though things get hard sometimes, like Covid-19, you know that you can do your best to live a good life. Living in the Magic People go to others to get advice to make it through the hard times in life. It is important to try a...[Read More]

How Is Burning Sage a Healthy Practice?

Sage burning is well known among Native American tribes as a spiritual cleansing practice. Mediums and psychics also use it to clear negative or residue energy from a space. While all of that sounds abstract, burning sage also has some practical health benefits if you listen to doctors and scientists. It Purifies Native Americans are correct in that burning sage purifies. While they are thinking m...[Read More]

Are You a Lightworker? Follow the Signs

Lightworkers are people that help the world. They are part of a spiritual place and if you feel that you aren’t able to reach your purpose or you feel that you want to help others, you might be a lightworker. Lightworkers have a special place in the world. Understanding a Lightworker A lightworker is someone that has been through their enlightenment. They are people that are there to help you to h...[Read More]

Talking to Your Angels

It can change your life when you realize that you have angels and that you can feel and talk to them. There are angels that are there that want to guide you and lead you down the right path. The most exciting part about working with your angels is that they bring a positivity into your life, and they are there to guide you and protect you. They love you unconditionally even if no one else does. Ho...[Read More]

Beauty in Brokenness

Trauma is something that can take away your peace and happiness. It can cause you to feel defeated. When trauma has death attached to it or even other things like abuse or neglect, it can cause PTSD. There are other things that it can cause such as: Depression. Panic. Stress. Anxiety. These feelings can lead to stopping you from having normal functions and can lead to things such as nightmares or ...[Read More]

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