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Using Chakras and Being in a Committed Relationship

Being in a relationship can be amazing and can be more than physical to the point of being a spiritual connection.  We have partners in our life that help us to be more than we could be on our own and they mirror us and show us the beauty in ourselves.  Not only that, they also help us to know our fears, insecurities and even our hidden pain. Whatever we are reflecting in our life, our relationshi...[Read More]

The Seven Phases of Twin Flame Relationships

There’s more to the Twin Flame journey than meets the eye. Therefore, learning about the Twin Flame process will help you succeed. Twin Flames, sometimes called “mirror souls,” are a single soul that has split into two, and then incarnated into two separate physical bodies. More intimate than a soul mate, meeting your Twin Flame is often described as an instant connection, or “coming home.” Genera...[Read More]

Dream Walking

The mind has always been a mystery and this article talks about the concept of entering someone else’s dream.  Dreams are interesting and have been a study of humans for years and years.  Dreams have inspired things such as history and events. Astral projection is when a soul leaves one body to go into another time or place.  One question is if people can actually meet in these spaces. Some people...[Read More]

Intentions That Will Not Manifest: How to Handle It

Many times, we set a powerful intention to manifest a specific thing in life like buying a dream home or meeting a soulmate. It is great to dream big in life, so this is normal. Perhaps you have been intently focused on this intention for months or years with no manifestation. This happens when there is too much energetic resistance that comes from an obsession or timeframes that are highly unreal...[Read More]

Signs You are Clairsentient

Do you have a lot of people in your family come to you when they have a question about motives or about feelings?  Have you ever wondered if you were clairsentient?  There are some signs that can show if you are clairsentient and what your abilities are. Clairsentient means that you have a “clear feeling” which means that you have the gift to feel things in the present and the past and that your p...[Read More]

The Telepathic Tie between Lovers Is Real

Two people in love, if they are together for a long time, will find they start doing things at the same time. They may pick up a glass of water at the same time, or have the same thought they speak at exactly the same time. They seem united in mind, body and soul. This is scientifically proven. Scientists don’t know exactly why, but the hearts of two people in true love synchronise. Their he...[Read More]

Shadow work and why you probably require it

Have you ever had a busy day or week then ended up snapping at your loved ones? Trust me it just happens. Just one week or a few days of repression can cause this harsh backlash. Therefore, imagine what years and years of this repression could do to you. So, what is shadow work? Shadow work can be defined as the conscious effort by an individual to explore dark shameful feelings that bring about e...[Read More]

What Should I Ask During a Psychic Reading?

Prior to any psychic consultation you must find the time to understand the intention for a reading.  Select your most pressing question(s) and try to identify what you hope your psychic can help you solve.  Intuitives have an array of asking and receiving messages, so also consider if there is a particular way you want your psychic to work with the spirit world.  Conduct online research to help yo...[Read More]

How to find your spirit guide

A common interest is locating your spirit guide. Whether we are aware of it or not, we do have a spirit guide.  The question remains, what impact will finding your spirit guide have on your life? Not only that, how do you go about finding your spirit guide? It is possible to locate this spiritual companion, but first you have to set your intention to do so. Locating your guide brings in the  laws ...[Read More]

Financial Clairvoyant Readings: Why do individuals get financial clairvoyant readings in relation to their financial futures? And do they need to?

One of our greatest concerns is always our finances. We have a lot of plans with our finances like, putting up a house or taking our children to school. If we don’t plan well with our finances, then they are likely to hit a roadblock. An illness or unexpected job loss can catch us unawares. Quite a number of people have not able to save for those hard times since they depend on a paycheck. O...[Read More]

The Difference between Clairvoyant, Intuitive and Medium

We usually get confused by various terms which tend to explain spiritual advisory work as we browse online for spiritual counselors. Other individuals consider them as one while others who self-use those terms don’t even know what they mean. It’s very essential to understand the kind of work guides will be performing for you, their way and how they acquire information. What’s the meaning of Clairv...[Read More]

How to tell if a psychic is bad news

As sad as it seems, sometimes people get taken advantage of by psychics. This is unfortunate because people who truly need help may not seek it because they are afraid of being scammed especially since there are no regulations in the psychic industry. Psychics without integrity While there are some fantastic psychics who are ethical and trustworthy. There are also some who do not.  This does not m...[Read More]

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