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Alternatives to Meditation

Some people find meditation to be difficult because it can be tough to quiet your mind. Meditation requires a great deal of mental preparation and practice to truly understand. Sometimes this does not happen, you fall asleep instead of feeling calm or connected. This article will offer alternatives when meditation is simply not doing what you need. Shared below are alternatives that will help you ...[Read More]

The Colors of Meditation

Some people see colors when they meditate, do you? Many people can close their eyes and see colors right away and then when they get into deep meditation their visions will be so strong that it will cause them to have different sensations. Getting Distracted There are some people that will see colors and visions when they meditate. They have different energies that surround them and cause them to ...[Read More]

Mediums: Real or Not?

Many times when people hear the word medium, they think of a crystal ball, tarot cards, and Ouija boards. This is not wholly accurate as mediums are real people who have been here in some form immemorial. Various cultures have beliefs that some can talk to spirits and communicate with the dead. These people are called mediums. Even some literature speaks of spirit communication. Books like the Bib...[Read More]

Why Old Souls are Sometimes Empaths

An empath is someone that feels the emotions of things and people around them. They have strong senses and the ability to feel the thoughts and feelings that those around them have. Signs of an Empath There are some signs of an empath including: Being overwhelmed in public. Being confused by people’s emotions. Being an emotional sponge. Not able to look at cruel images. Feeling the pain of other p...[Read More]

Being a Starseed Type

Most mothers believe that their children are special, and they should, but what if your child is really out of this world? What if your child is a crystal, star seed, or indigo? This is a child that is able to come from past decades and they are from beyond the universe and have a strong conscious state. Indigo Children Indigo children have certain spiritual attributes and they are known by the vi...[Read More]

Recognizing Spirit Signs in the Universe

Losing a loved one is always difficult, but they often try to send us signs that they are still watching over us. The problem is, we are not taught to recognize these signs. If you have not been told how to recognize a sign, perhaps a simple assigning of a sign to a loved one can help you be more aware of their presence after death. When the assigned sign appears, take time to say hello to your lo...[Read More]

Warnings from Angels

Making a choice to work with your angel guides is your own personal choice and when you make this decision, you can get signs from them to let you know if you are on the right or wrong path. These signs might be subtle, but you will learn to hear and see them, and you will become more confident. Angels can give you signs to let you know that you are on the right path or that you need to pay more a...[Read More]

Empath and Emotions

If you are an empath, you can tell because you will always be picking up the feelings and the moods of the people around you. You might find that you leave an area feeling sad or drained and it might be hard for you to be around violent things or to watch the news. If you have the energies around you filling you, this can be a huge sign that you are an empath. There is nothing wrong with being an ...[Read More]

Believing in the Afterlife

Many people believe differently in eternal life, there are different religious groups such as Judeo-Christianity, Islam and more. There is an idea of punishment in the afterlife and also a concept of people living life over and over again. There are different social and spiritual lessons that your soul needs to learn so that it can move forward. What Belief is Correct? People do not always underst...[Read More]

8 Ways to Know You Have a Spirit World Message

Many people want a sign or message from God, their guardian angel, or spirit guide regarding important decisions in their lives. It is nice to know if you are on the right track. Well, you may be getting those messages and are missing them! Messages from the spiritual realm may not be as obvious as a trumpet from a mountaintop. You must be aware of spiritual things to discern when you are getting ...[Read More]

Left Over Energies

Most people have heard the term residual energy, and this is something that most psychic people are familiar with. This is a saying that is sued to describe energies that are left over in certain objects or in animals when a person has had these things in the past. Energy is in all objects and people and so when there is energy in an object, it is because the source of the energy is there. Energy ...[Read More]

Lessons from an Empath in Love

Empaths often stay alone for much of life because being with someone else all the time can be overwhelming. They may want love, but the sensory overload is tough in an intimate relationship. The good news is things can change and the right relationship can bring growth and love that are unbeatable. Still, it will always be an adjustment. The reason it is tough for the empath to be in a relationshi...[Read More]