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Take a look at the honest reviews and see why should be your choice for Psychic Readings! Read it and Vote and Rate Yourself.

Thousands of clients have made their choice for personalized authentic psychic readings.

PsychicOz psychics consistently receive top ratings from their customers, so you can relax, knowing that your psychic is both experienced and talented.

What’s more is that you have 24/7 access to the best psychics in the industry via email or phone.

Here are the benefits you’ll enjoy with PsychicOz:

  • PsychicOz screens and tests their psychics more completely than any of their competitors. PsychicOz are proud to have only the most gifted and authentic psychics in their team of professionals.
  • PsychicOz service is very affordable. They have everyday low prices, not just special introductory prices.
  • Each and every reading begins with one free minute, so you do not need to worry about paying for the connection time.
  • Every new customer gets an additional free three minutes after making an initial deposit.
  • No prepayment is necessary. You may pay safely and securely via credit card, debit card or PayPal when you’re ready for your reading.

PsychicOz psychics are ready to assist you in finding your way to love and a more fulfilling life.


  • They Screen and Test Psychics Like No Other Competitor. As results they have best gifted psychics.
  • Psychics are very Affordable. They have low prices not just introductory prices.
  • Every reading with any psychic advisor always starts with 1 free minute.
  • Every new customer gets additional Free 3 minutes.
  • No prepayment – pay safely and securely via PayPal.
  • Real Ratings and reviews for Each Psychic on their website.
  • Anonymous and private
  • Numerous Reviews from Independent Websites
  • Great Introductory Deals for New Clients


  • They do not have large number of psychics, they prefer have quality vs quantity.
  • Some psychics are getting busy as many clients want to call them.



  1. “Aldwyn had some very cogent — and encouraging — things to say about a somewhat-puzzling new relationship. He gave me just what I need to round-out my sense of the sitch and to have a bit of patience (not so easy for this triple-Aries).

    Aldwyn is quick, he’s really smart, he has bulletproof integrity, and he reads are accurate. he’s my go-to when my own intuition is clouded by emotion or wishful thinking, and he’s VERY inexpensive for what I’m getting.”

  2. What would I do without you I have had nobody to talk to you’re supportive and patient with me dispute me always running to you about same issues I hope in all of this things get better I will be strong thanks for never giving upset or annoyed with my anxiety and worries thanks for being her through everything providing mins when I don’t have the cash I’m blessed and grateful for all the love and support in all honest perhaps if I listened things would be better your always accurate. You always keep it real and never tell me what I want to hear my fear and worry just been bad sorry to constant ask same stuff or worry talk to you soon thanks for always being there your always accurate on ppl

  3. Wonderful!!!great information !!, I will give things consideration !! To my question,, you were great, truthful ,, and will call back for an update,, First time caller,,, was very very pleased,, TY

  4. Shasha is very realistic with her thoughts. She emphasizes with you and has great solutions to your dilemmas.

  5. Spri506 thank you for the great moral boost. It was well received.

  6. Portia youre’Great call…..Thanks for always being there.

  7. Mysytic,great reading. She was on point and straight forward.

  8. Portia thank you to all getting better. Oh yes…..

  9. “Ladylight is very quick, she’s got bulletproof integrity, she’s
    compassionate, and her decades of doing this work shows
    in the nuance of her readings.

    Like any reader, she needs a moment to tune in, so if you’re
    expecting an instant reading, well … get real. But if you let her do
    her work, she’s worth a very great deal more than her usual rate.

    I’m in a slowly-developing relationship with a woman who guards
    her feelings, and CrysyalRose’s capacity to see beneath the surface has
    helped me tremendously; I feel like I’m landing a very big fish on
    very light tackle, and CrystalRoses wise counsel and insight has helped
    me avoid some potentially serious missteps. I’m deeply grateful.”

  10. Thanks again! Hope to hear from you soon.Thank you AdvisorLilly.

  11. “PsychicKim1 is my go=to when I want a quick, accurate, and actionable reading.
    She’s been immensely helpful in my process of navigating a sometimes-
    puzzling relationship with a woman who does not readily share certain
    feelings. PsychicKim1’s compassion, experience, maturity, and self-work are very
    evident in my calls to her, and I consider her a very talented reader. I will be
    calling again, no question…. and at her rates, she’s a bargain considering
    what you’ll get.”

  12. “Meka is really quick with yes/no questions, and her explanations are lucid
    and practical. Her integrity is above reproach, and she won’t sugar-coat
    things � qualities that I deeply appreciate. She’s been there for me
    when I needed it, and her time and skill are a real bargain.”

  13. Thank you Serenity for your unwavering support. I am so happy I was able to actually talk to you. It made my day. You are brilliant, compassionate and honest. I appreciate you sharing your gift with me! Love, Light and Many Blessings to you

  14. She’s awesome!! if I could give Genoveva a 10 I sure would, She have helped me so many times, yesterday you told me to let go of a situation and focus on my self and my life so I did and everything – turned out just as she said! thank you

  15. I had been considering doing a reading for months..not a few, much longer than that.. finally gained the confidence to ask the questions i wanted answered…and found something greater. NIcola is not just a seer, she is a source of knowledge. she breaks down the understanding of the why’s before asked.. there were times i started to type and before i finished or before i pressed enter she had already answered the question(s) is better to get the truth with understanding the reason Nicola’s gift and God’s guidance to clarity.

  16. Thank you Isabella for your reinforcing words about my son’s application Every time I chat with you and ask you questions concerning myself or my family you are able to answer with certainty and clarity, every time it is. And that’s what really matters. I need your words as a final reference! Love and thanks, Viv

  17. I love you MissTula—Another MAJOR PREDICTION Happened and this prediction has been predicted for years and this Nov 2012 it happened, at day 7…MissTula and the rest predicted a man from the very past, whom I thought I will never see in a million years miraculously will walk into my work place, he will not see me first but I will see him–it HAPPENED!!!..Second time he walked in again but i missed him, but the advisers, and Kim predicted of this..It sure happened, the way she and spirit saw it.and it happened in physical form!!! For the first time after all the years I never thought I would see him, I saw D again..Thank you my beautiful angel..We will talk again soon. I love you!

  18. NIcola is able to read me very well. Her information is very specific and accurate. I enjoy the chats we have information she provides. She is able to calm me down with the information she gives. Not only does she provide accurate information but she genuinely cares for me as a person. She is a wonderful person and I will definitely use her again.

  19. It was nice talking to you GiftedGeorge, I will keep your advice in mind. Hopefully I will get to see the positive outcome soon.

  20. Missj remembered me from a day prior and continued her excellent reading.

  21. Wow LadyLight is amazing. She mentioned my grandmother who passed away several years and described her to a tee. She was decisive and talked like someone who knew what she was talking about. Thank you for making my day for connecting me with someone so special in my life. I know your predictions will come true. Do yourself a favor and give her a call her is great. I will call again.

  22. GiftedGeorge is aways quick thorough responses but also to the point! Sometimes gives more info than you’ve asked for

  23. Catalina’s very gifted, You won’t regret it.

  24. Queen made me great comfort and courage with my situation

  25. Oh my!! she is amazing and right on!! she sees it and says it

  26. Excellent! She has a gift for real. Thanks Dorothy.

  27. I was finally able to catch a chat reading with Analisa and I’m glad I did. She seemed to be in tuned to my situation and person of interest. She predicted that I would be hearing from him quickly, likely tomorrow to hear possible today but not as likely as tomorrow She seemed very confident in saying this to me so I can only hope she is truthful and her prediction does happen. Once and if it does I will be back for sure to rate her at 5 stars plus!

  28. Savannah always knows how to help relax you and let you see what is hidden from you

  29. Thanks Cyndi, i needed that and got the last line uggh Please pray for me i need it so much i need strength and courage to get through this thanks for helping me, I love you xxxoxoxox


  31. Dora’s the real deal and gives amazing readings. Warm, funny, compassionate, honest and RIGHT!!!

  32. Thank you very much, great insight and predictions ISABELLA77.

  33. Amazing! Positive and spot on with all her responses. Grateful to have connected with her. Speaking with Diana was very easy and fluid. She gets right to the point and is positively beautiful to be blessed with her reading! Joy!

  34. Very quick, to the point and always accurate. Have your question, he dives right in. Thank you Lucas

  35. ISABELLA77 was very helpful and very informational. I love having my chats with ISABELLA77!!

  36. My last reading was absolutely WONDERFUL Starangle! Thank you so much! Wish you were on chat more as I have already said:) Thanks for the great service as usual!!

  37. Dating 18+] Playing a game with hot step sister:

  38. Of course I am a tough lol …..I am sitting on the edge of anxiety …I will keep you posted with everything. Please keep him in your prayers he has a very difficult challenge ahead GIftedGeorge! Love ya

  39. I spoke to him he gave names and felt like he really knew who I was talking about. I hope and pray it is real and doesnt flip and flop like most psychics after you speak to them a few times. Thanks , Dom feels like an old friend.

  40. Something very positive DID happen on the 10th and she says now that she see’s something really great happening for him on the 13th! Still confirms that I’ll have contact by the 21st. Have to wait and see Cira! TY

  41. LoveMay’s passion for healing all souls wherever she can is second to none, and she truly has this capability, yet gives me all the credit…

  42. The reading experience overall was good. He was fast, compassionate, and friendly. He connected with the situation quickly. Im not sure if his prediction is accurate bc it will take some time for me to see. I hope that it will. Adding GiftedGeorge to my favorites so we can chat again

  43. Not to be missed! MsAngelaStar’s awesome and very honest.

  44. Update: IntuitAlex is always accurate in a ‘big picture’ sort of way. I like his artistic / romantic flair in reading my POI. I found out later that his prediction was correct about the suspected, secretive POI contact/

  45. GiftedGeorge seems very nice. Had a lot of common sense advise to give. Will just have to see if it pans out. I am hoping his predictions pans out.

  46. I called Shana twice. The first time, she gave me a prediction that I prayed was correct. The second time I called to tell her she was IN FACT 100% accurate with her prediction. I asked her a couple follow up questions to which she saw – also was correct about!

  47. Lucas is kind caring and compassionate. He stated my boyfriend would call and he did. He stated a few predictions that are still about 3 weeks out. Those still have to come pass. A great reader.

  48. Kind caring and compassionate. I am waiting for time lines to come to pass . I will call Helen again.

  49. GiftedGeorge was spot on. Yes, I will call him again when I have the funds for him. I am very privileged to have talked to George. Give GiftedGeorge a try and he is very honest. God bless his heart.

  50. Love love love her!!!! Been calling Serenity for over a year! Wish she was on today though.

  51. Thank u for all the help. You are right on about being used and I didn’t see him like that right away. For sure, he did call me stupid. Thanks again Serenity.

  52. Fiona, thank you for insights. Sorry I ran out of funds. I’ll be in touch soon 🙂

  53. It was so nice speaking with Ms. Solutions. I came for follow up and she was empathetic and kind.

  54. As always..she is the best.. Robin is so great and i loved talking to her.

  55. Maureen stays true to her convictions. She believes and is stable with her beliefs. She is uplifting and like a friend . Thank you for lifting my spirits and letting me believe in letting things unfold.

  56. Fiona is a great advisor with so much energy! Thank you!

  57. Thank you for all the energy, guidance and support Subrina! 10 stars if I could!

  58. Robin is amazing! Thank you so much for the guidance and support.

  59. It’s a very good reading. I will have to see if timeframe comes true but Robin did good!

  60. This was my first time using a psychic site and I chose Robin at random. But who knows? Maybe there was some subconscious reason. Regardless, I’m glad I chose her, will definitely do another reading with her as soon as I can.

  61. Such a wonderful and kind person! Helen picked up on my situation and gave great advice. I will be back!

  62. Straight forward answers to my concerns, I look forward to connecting again. Thank you Dustin.

  63. She was spot on and in tune. I recommend Doreen highly.

  64. Julia was right on in describing my guy’s personality. She was also very polite. I enjoyed the chat and wish I could have chatted longer.

  65. Beth is compassionate but does not sugar coat anything. She will point you in the correct direction in which to go. If I could move her up to where I live and keep her on retainer I would.

  66. Robin is the best she is my best friend we have such a connection. She is the best. She knows what I’m going to ask before I ask. I love her.

  67. Sorry i ran out of funds! you are wonderful reader and thanks for all the info, details and wise advice! i haven’t seen that perspective and it’s beyond helpful!! many blessings to you RObin!!!

  68. Lucas is an excellent communicator.. Always telling you from the heart and being fair and real..

  69. Nice lady and her predictions have come to pass for me in the last 10 months…She knows her astrology as well. She’s great!

  70. Always accurate. I was completely confused about a love relationship and she clarified everything for me. Super impressed with her psychic ability. Out of 100’s of psychics to choose from God directed me to her. She is truly in tune and focused and so awesome to talk to! Thank you so, so much!!

  71. Ariana is excellent! I am so happy to have been read by her! I look forward to the growth that is ahead of me. I will definitely call back. Thank you Ariana!!

  72. Fantastic as always! I am still in awe how Lisi saw my mother and new the name of the person I was most interested in without me telling Lisi ever his name!!!! SO AMAZING! I will try my best to open my heart again when the right time will come. Divine Time. I am looking forward to connect with Lisi again. Much love and blessings!

  73. Hi Serenity, I wish I could have spoken to you tonight. I’d like to thank you for being so calm, non judgmental, encouraging and most of having faith in me.

  74. Melissa’s the best always – I feel a strong connection with Melissa. I enjoy the astrological readings and she explains well. A true sweetie and gifted woman. LOVE HER. Thank you Melissa for everything.

  75. Daniellia is simply the best. She cuts through the haziness and clears the way so that I’m able to see the matter in question in light. Thank you Daniellia, you are awesome!

  76. Martha was very pleasant to talk to. I am so thankful to her for helping me out all throughout.

  77. Thanks Juny for your insight and advice. You had predicted contact soon. It happened, I will update when the other predictions come to pass. You are such great blessings to talk too. Thank you so much and much love to you both.

  78. Started off with a great connection ended with a great connection with Hunter. I just ran out of time.

  79. Robin, He’s back! My cat Indi is back. You said he’d come back and you were right! I saw him last night running from my porch. I put out the Have a Heart cage out. There he was this morning. He’s really thin, scared and exhausted. Thanks so much for your prayers.

  80. Liam is such a blessing… through the darkest times, he is the light guiding you through. If only I had more time to talk to you! Thank you Liam!! thank you thank you!

  81. Top notch psychic, you amaze me every time we speak Hunter!!

  82. I’ve come to think of Ginnie as a friend as well as a psychic adviser. We spoke of soulmates tonight and I believe that Ginnie is one of mine.

  83. Thank you for being there for us little flower. I know you are tired Sita but you are awesome.
    Thank you.

  84. Robin is always fabulous. She is the type of reader that is compassionate as well as firm with what she sees. if she doesn’t see something, she tells you directly and i appreciate that.

  85. Noel is such a lady!!! Every time I speak to her she makes you feel so welcome and taking care of is delicious what can I say!!!!!

  86. Liam is always consistent from last summer… gentle, kind, wise.. just the timelines are not there which is frustrating…

  87. Without me telling anything, Serenity mentioned everything that was happening around me and the causes for them, In this day and age those causes are rare and she picked up on them within in the first 10 seconds of the conversations. She is awesome.

  88. Taylor, you are so good and you are right on target. You’re looking out for the best interest of your clients and that’s great! You are my personal wizard. Thanks!

  89. Emma was very truthful and very honest with me. Looking forward to see what the future brings. Thank you Margaret.

  90. My first time reading with Ginnie and a WOW! The way she described my POI was so unique.

  91. Amazing lady as usual… ShaSha’s so calming. Thank you again ShaSha for a out of this world reading!!! Will be calling you again and again and again!!!

  92. Tula! I’m sorry I had trouble on my end. I’d love to talk again soon! I love the chats! Thank you for your time Tula! Can’t wait to talk more.

  93. Robin, you are very helpful. You are in my opinion the best adviser on this site!!! thank you god bless.

  94. No words to describe our connection. Robin is my friend. She is real and has an amazing ability.

  95. An amazing reader! Many claim to be “good”, some just show through actions they’re good!!! Dimitri is one of the best.

  96. Thanks Nicholas! You gives sound advice. You are a blessing! Your gifts are great and it was an honor that you shared them with me.

  97. Thank you Robin. You were right. He is a mess. Things didn’t go the way I wanted them to go. He keeps lying to me and testing me and now again just called me names and said that he doesn’t want to know me anymore……. keep me in your prayers please, as I’m a not handling it well personally.

  98. She is one of my guides – we are deeply connected – I trust Shelly completely.

  99. Christine and her spirit guide are awesome. She knew who I was before I said anything thanks to her spirit guide swan. Her spirit guide even reminded her that I had a birthday coming up. I was in awe. Christine nailed everything with accuracy. I haven’t spoken with Christine in over 2 years. Believe me when I tell you that she is the real deal.

  100. Thank you Ruby. I will keep up the prayers. Thank u for your affirmations. Keep u posted.

  101. Feels so confident. Sally gave me a very accurate reading.

  102. Lola was on it. Back in line as I wanted to see what else she had to say! The suspense is killing me! 4 stars for now but she blew my mind…

  103. Ginnie will always be my favorite advisor ever. She knew what I was going to ask about before I mentioned it. Undeniably gifted. Picks up on every little thing. I barely have to say a word. Wow.

  104. My favorite on this website. Georgina nails the complicated nuances of everything. So insightful!

  105. Martha, you always try and make me feel better, I am so confused about everything, I have lost all of my family, my beloved cat, I try and see the positives but for some reason, I can’t find them. I normally bounce back but I think I am tired. I can’t say I am not lonely without her cause I am, but thanks for the words of encouragement. Thank you for listening.

  106. Tanya, thanks again for your patience and kindness!!! God has truly smiled on you and blessed you with an amazing gift!!! I wished that I would have talked to you a long time ago!!!

  107. Thanks Ruby for your help, you are such a blessing. I hope things will be positive and that the situation will resolve itself soon. I do not see him visiting me here before now. Thanks for honesty.

  108. Wonderful compassionate reader. I’ve only read with her for a short while and she has seen things in my life that have already happened(within 3 weeks). Kiara connected with me and my life and the people in it readily.

  109. Ari is a wonderful, gifted psychic who has been spot on with me over the years. Just in December she predicted a major, life changing event taking place in March and it did! Highly recommend her!!

  110. Kind. Excellent reading. Ari’s accurately detailed.

  111. I have never even met this lady and yet I believe she is a true soulmate for me. She has shown me the way through a very dark path and has provided light and kindness all along the way. Even though I sabotage myself so much so far she still sees the same things happening for me. Thank you Zylisaa!

  112. Absolutely amazing. What impressed me the most was I hadn’t talked to Kiara in months and I said my name and she knew who I was, what we talked about the last time, and she automatically knew what I was going to ask about!! Then went right into all the specifics about what has happened with the person in the last few weeks. I was completely amazed. Kiara is truly gifted and I will be talking to her more often!!

  113. What a pleasure to speak with Ricardo. Always pleasant and on point. He is always worth calling!!

  114. Great Reading as always. Thank you so much Martha. I did what you said last night. Talk to you soon.

  115. It is always a pleasure to speak to Zylisaa! I learned something new in every reading! She is just a joy to speak with!

  116. Brandy’s a very nice lady and picked up on things, time frames and dates. Asked if they meant anything to me and they did. Had predictions around those time frames, got some time.

  117. Just a pleasure. He is scary accurate and I would love to speak with him again. He is well worth the wait in line. Thank you Ricardo!

  118. Always great even on the short calls. One of my go to when I want to know when. All that and you leave her feeling better even if you were feeling good to start with. Love Sita.

  119. Wow. Deborah is amazing. I feel such an amazing positive energy after speaking with you. You reassured me in so many ways, especially with me being such a worrier. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wish you all the happiness in the world. Thank you again and I will be talking to you again.

  120. Fascinating! I will definitely contact Heather for an update soon!

  121. Ricardo is an absolute doll! His accuracy is amazing and his wonderful personality is a bonus. A pleasure to speak with.

  122. Thanks again Ginnie!!! It’s so awesome speaking with you.

  123. I love you Robin. It’s all I can say about this advisor. You’re really truly a gifted and I cant thank you enough.

  124. Well what can I say accept that I am astonished by her accuracy. Tina told me about my job situation several months ago what industry I needed to be in and by when I would get a job offer. And it all did happen exactly as she predicted. I am grateful Tina and god bless you.

  125. Katherine, I am keeping the faith! Love you lots and I will let you know the next turn of events. Big hug, Laura

  126. Love talking with Kristine, she has not changed her readings she stills sees getting better.

  127. Ginnie, it was an amazing reading once again. Your first prediction came to past at the exact time you said it would.

  128. You’re great, Gia. I trust you so much. You picked up on everything going on.

  129. Thank you so much! I was so excited I think I did most of the talking!!! Nancy, I will keep you posted on things…

  130. Always a pleasure to talk to. You’re very gifted, Zylisaa. 🙂

  131. How do I “rate” talking with somebody who has become a real friend. One of the things I love most about Molly is her ability to see below the surface, and in doing so, she remains so strong in her intuitive convictions.

  132. He was honest and kind. He told me things, I felt but didn’t really want to think or deal with. He is the best and is worth every penny if you need closure and honesty.

  133. It was a nice to finally get to speak to Robin, and I like that she was honest with me in terms of marriage and children and I cross my finger that I will get a job in in 2 months, Thanks Robin!

  134. Thanks Robin for talking with me this morning. You were so accurate about the date when everything started then. All i can say is wow! You’re so right.

  135. You always calm me down… Keep the prayers coming can’t wait for future predictions…

  136. Pretty good – my second time to speak with Donovan. He does not judge at all. He’s straightforward, i like it.

  137. Christopher was able to accurately pull things from situation that could not have been any kind of lucky guess. Very good reader. predictions happened.

  138. Katherine has been seeing the same vision for the past year almost. She’s very accurate and I’m sure it will.

  139. I like Dee so much and enjoy talking. Just waiting and pray that things will work out for me.

  140. Gia is an angel. I am very thankful to her.

  141. Thank you Dom. I hope the things you said will happen, will actually happen. I’m pleased with this call. I got so much info in such a short call.

  142. Outsanding!! Alex’s very friendly and you actually do feel like you’ve known him forever. At least I did. If you don’t want to read the chat review, it was just as informative. Alex is just the bomb.

  143. Molly has so much insight and can help anyone with any situation.

  144. Molly, it’s always a pleasure to reach out to you. Incredibly gifted. Will keep you posted.

  145. Dear Serena, sorry we were cut off during my reading. Thank you for being there for me in my time of need. I believe you are 100% correct about my situation and I will try to remain calm. You are a wonderful, caring person and I trust your accuracy implicitly. Thanks for all of your good wishes. Love you!!!

  146. Maria, I am going to try what you said. I’m scared but going to do it. Thanks again, I will stay in touch.

  147. Thanks Sita. I had a reading with her two years ago and she was right about what she saw. It took some time but the ending she saw did happen.

  148. Debra, thank you for sticking by me! You’re the only one I can count on right now.

  149. It was my first time and it was awesome. Can’t have enough of her. I will call back. Thank you, Maria.

  150. Sita can definitely tune in to the POI. If her predictions come to pass, time will tell. She didn’t tell me yes or no, but gave me what was going on now and I liked that.

  151. Great information and insight. Thanks so much, Zoe. You’re reading was very inspiring.

  152. She was great, very kind and spot on! I am so thankful for having Danielle as my psychic.

  153. Such a great a lady. Kind and caring. Ginnie is very good advice I will follow. I just need to be patient a little longer. Thank you so much for piece of mind.

  154. Debra provided me with clarity that I needed. She is easy to talk and she was able to tell me about my relationships without telling her anything. I am immensely grateful that she was able to help me to bring closure and walking into my future. Thank you!

  155. Alexis was great. She tuned right into the situation and was direct and to the point. I felt like she knew me even though we never have met of course.

  156. I have used Lupe before and will continue using her. She is honest and truly enjoys helping others.

  157. Amazing. She gave me guidance into my future and said everything would be okay. She gave me clearance in my past relationship and looking forward. Thanks again, Dora.

  158. I enjoyed my reading with Alexis and will be waiting to see if her predictions come true. I enjoyed the reading because she is the first person who has made me laugh in months! Alexis is honest and doesn’t just tell you what you want to hear.

  159. Absolutely correct! Sita is my go to reader. I’m blown away.

  160. Truly amazing. Eva blew my mind when she confirmed what I had actually done and how many times! She nailed it!

  161. Serenity is very kind. She has a deep sense of what’s going on in your situation and is very detailed.

  162. Accurate, in depth – and in tune! Thank you Alex!!

  163. Troy, you were straight to the point, asked me to slow down, you were confident. I liked your ability to access angels. I thought the reading was really accurate and it helped bring me comfort,.

  164. Good call! Thank you Amber 🙂

  165. I always trust Sam to pick up on the feelings. He helped me a lot.

  166. I loved talking to Aurora. She does not waste time and gives details and answers quickly.

  167. Eddie knows the situation before I even ask the question. He’s really good.

  168. Tammy is an excellent reader. I use her for certain kinds of readings mostly because I feel she is best at them: these are readings in which I need a quick overview of a situation or person. Tammy can succinctly and quickly summarize it; with details, she is good also, but she seems best to me when giving you info and letting you then process it and interpret it. There is a feeling and I say this in a positive way that she is simply channeling information to you but not assessing it much herself so she’s acting as a conduit. She is great in this regard, and I highly value her services.

  169. Serenity is no joke! Stellar. Phenomenal! I love my readings with her.

  170. Good. Bettina is always very quick with her responses. No “fluff”.

  171. Perfection on current feelings. Thomas really hit the spot.

  172. Katerena is so fun to talk to. She is very honest in what she sees and will deliver just that

  173. Sam is always accurate. No fluff.

  174. Ginnie described the person and my complex situation in detail with kindness, compassion, and transparency. A talented empath for sure! Not only will I call again soon but I would recommend her to anyone going through a challenging time. Thank you Ginnie!

  175. Shana’s always pretty good and has been quite accurate with her readings.

  176. Jem is wonderful. I am so grateful for her accuracy and wisdom. Thank you so much, Jem for your clarity and guidance.

  177. Sena was super sharp and right on the money. She moves fast and packs in lots of information… You can sense she is very honest and real.

  178. Always a big help. Aurora can really read a person’s emotions and give good insight on any situation.

  179. I think Jem is excellent for telling current feelings thoughts and emotions. She’s a truth empath.

  180. Thank you so much Thomas.. I appreciate your honesty and you were so right about Edward. You told me the truth and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  181. I love the way Samara gives a reading. No birthday just the name. One of the predictions happened today! Thanks Samara!

  182. This woman is so amazing! Kathryn, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You’re not good with timelines and that is cool with me because you really do see the true out come…

  183. She seems good at getting into someone’s head. Carol really has a gift.

  184. As always, you are my guide! Thank you, Samara! God bless you!

  185. Love Amber’s honesty and ability to tap into my forcefield and provide clarity.

  186. So amazing I’ve spoken to her several times this month and she’s been a valuable tool in my life. Thank you, Lorie!

  187. Ok, this reading was scary. I have never felt that way after I talk with a psychic…I don’t know what to say… I am still in shock… Honestly, no one was able to tell me what Camille told me… She know that my husband was previously married and has a child which has been the main problem in our marriage… Camille hit the spot.

  188. Wow, fantastic reader and he was able to read two POIs perfectly! So great to hear predictions from Richard, and have no doubt as he could pick up current situation perfectly!

  189. Anna sets my mind at ease! She’s definitely someone who possesses true gifts.

  190. As soon as you say the name, she takes off! Love her! Amber keeps it real.

  191. I really enjoy reading with Maya. I called a lot and she is my main advisor. I will be back to let you know if what she said for this weekend really happens.

  192. I enjoyed my reading with Gary. He didn’t waste my time and connected quickly. What he said resonated with me. I would contact him again.

  193. Anna is such a beautiful and amazing woman!! Today is the first time I read with her. She is very accurate and comforting.

  194. I really enjoyed my chat with Ginnie. I felt very good when the chat ended. I would definitely use her services again and recommend her to anyone wanting a reading.

  195. Gary, thank you so much for the reading. It was nice to get answers from the other side. It felt genuine and validating.

  196. Very gifted intuitive! Thank you, Sable!

  197. Ran out of dollars but would say that Amber is an awesome reader. Amber gave specifics of the situation and some very good advise. I would definitely recommend Amber.

  198. Shana won’t waste a single second of your call and she is quite spot on!!! You’ll be surprise within first five minutes as she gives you lots! She’s the best!

  199. Although the outcome of my reading was not what I wanted, Sita was honest. I appreciated the truth of the reading as well as her compassion in the delivery of the reading.

  200. If I could give this beautiful lady 10 stars I would! Thank you, Ginnie.

  201. Fantastic and highly accurate reading of my present situation. I loved chatting with Ginnie. She is very kind yet direct and very helpful. I will report further when predictions come to fruition.

  202. I had a fabulous reading with Amber. It helps me make sense of where he’s coming from.

  203. This reading was amazing! Lilith was profound and able to connect with a departed loved one. Very insightful and caring.

  204. Very accurate and spot on with specific questions I had. Very kind, Thank you, Rose.

  205. Zen was spot on! She knew exactly what was going on with my multiple businesses. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for true insight.

  206. Had a great reading with Abigail yesterday, she reassured me that I should keep going and fighting for my relationship and that he’s actually trying to make changes for me and for us! She also pretty much confirmed that I too have psychic abilities that I’m not using which I’ve heard and felt my whole life so our reading was amazing and I’ll be back! Thanks again.

  207. Very kind and helpful. AnneMarie is very reliable.

  208. My favourite. I always go to AnneMarie for guidance. Thank You

  209. I wish Peter was my personal friend. He was friendly and honest.

  210. Thank you, Faye! Truly was amazing. You helped me out a lot.

  211. Such an awesome reading and thanks for a lot of closure I needed with my past life and looking forward to another reading soon. Thanks Penny.

  212. I had a great connection with Sita. I love the advice more than the prediction. I feel peace after talking to you always. Yes my son left and like you said I have to let him be.

  213. Zylisaa is my go to reader. There’s a lot of good connection with her.

  214. I loved Sena. She has been the only person that has truly known who I am and knew exactly what I wanted to talk about. Will call her again. She is great.

  215. She talked to me about my energy, what and who I am and to continue keeping positive, thinking positive. I absolutely recommend Richelle!

  216. What an encouraging reading! She validated my suspicion and helped me to stay in the course and gave me hope. Shana is my angel.

  217. Everything she said was correct. Blanca is truly gifted.

  218. First reading with Jules. I truly believe she hit it with how someone was feeling and why that person has cut off contact. Hope the predictions come true. Will definitely call again

  219. Sita was friendly and straight to the point. Very detailed with guidance.

  220. Never enough words to express my gratitude. Thank you, Ronnie. You truly are an angel sent from above.

  221. Great reading as always. Sidney is someone I can really trust.

  222. I love that Zen is always there for me and never gets tired of talking about the same thing! She sees things so clearly and is always so positive in her readings.

  223. Very accurate information and did not tell me what I wanted to hear, but the truth. No matter how much the truth hurts, it’s a lot better than someone telling you something that isn’t true and you believing it with all your heart. That happens way too much with a lot of psychics, but not with Alex.

  224. Ramona! You wont believe who just texted me tonight. Oh you will believe it since you told me he would contact me. You are so right, Ramona! Thank you so much! You truly are gifted!

  225. Sita is truly the best! I felt very positive and satisfied. She is such a loving and honest lady. Love you so much Sita. Will call back soon.

  226. Great! I will call after two weeks for an update. So easy to talk to! Thank you Ginnie.

  227. Andre, you knock my socks off and see things like no one else can. Please don’t ever leave!

  228. Love talking to Tula. She’s like a mom who knows you so well. Try her!

  229. Very nice! I will call her again. All the top advisors saw him coming back to me and leaving her but they were wrong! It’s a good thing I tried PsychicOz and found Sable. She’s right, he signed the divorce papers and everything and he is still with her!

  230. I love Chelsea. She’s very sweet and will give you the truth in a calm and soothing manner.

  231. You must get a reading from Stephanie. She’s worth the short wait in line for sure, you will not be disappointed.

  232. Sarah, I am so glad I got to talk to you last night. I always feel so much better and uplifted after our talks! Putting aside psychic abilities that are absolutely amazing, you are better than any therapeutic mainstream counselor I have ever been too!

  233. Gale was a pleasure to speak to. I will follow her guidance.

  234. Always empowering. Abigail, I can talk to you for hours! I love the readings!

  235. Thank you, Troy. You’re like blanket and chocolate. I feel at ease whenever I talked to you.

  236. Thank you for the reading. You amazed with your gifts, Cecilia.

  237. I love you, AnneMarie! Thank you so much for all your support and guidance. I am praying for those moments you see for D and I.

  238. I’d been feeling really down all day but my feelings have turned completely around after talking to Rita. Thank you so much. I will be talking to her again.

  239. I love Ronnie. She knows what she is talking about. Incidents from the past did happen like she said and she gave me so much info for things coming up. Ronnie, I will get back in touch with as usual for an update.

  240. Natalie, you nailed it! It all happened just as you said it would. Natalie is a true master in her field. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am sweetly anticipating the next chapter. Thank you again.

  241. Love and light to you! May all your wishes come true as well! You are my light, Aurora.

  242. Luke is whip-smart and off-the-chart accurate with what he sees. I can trust him to be kind, empathetic and soothing as well as providing doses of tough love as needed.

  243. Molly, you continue to amaze me with your compassion and consistency! You know how much I pray for the outcome you see although it feels less attainable than ever! That said, I know in my heart that if you didn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel you’d never encourage me to stay the course. And I suppose the charts you drew are evidence of this. I think you are totally awesome, regardless of the outcome!

  244. I love Luke. He is always on point with his readings and you can feel the sincerity in his voice.

  245. Sita is one of the greatest medium, and she offers more: Akashic records, remote viewing(interesting she saw one of my futuristic shows), spirit communications, etc.

  246. Lori is pretty good. You wont be disappointed with her at all.

  247. Jasmine, I am so glad you were on that early in the morning… Surprisingly, when I could not sleep you crossed my mind wondering if you would “ever be on that early…” all to check and you were LOL! You really did help, as usual.

  248. Charm, what can I say? You are a sweetheart! Hope “G” will be proud of me… Talk to you soon.

  249. Tula has been on point before with me and she always tells me the truth. She tells me when I’m being crazy and irrational.

  250. Zen is excellent and she really knows her stuff. I will call again!

  251. I like Charm so much and I enjoy talking with her. Just waiting and pray that things will work out for me.

  252. I loved Ronnie. She is so gentle, compassionate and I really believe what she tells me about what’s going on. I will definitely call her again. I’m still in shock with the information she gave me!

  253. Thank you, Tatiana… You picked up on so much without me speaking that it was amazing. The things that you picked up on were not even things I had even thought to ask you but you somehow got information about it. Amazing reading and I’m looking forward to speaking to you again.

  254. Amber provides a detailed astrological view of your situation and adds to it with her insight. I’ve found her to be incredibly accurate. She is down to earth and fun to work with.

  255. Camille, he text me on Saturday night. Your prediction happened again.

  256. Luke! Your recent prediction came to fruition again! You’re great! I hope you have a wonderful day, you deserve it. Thank you.

  257. Natalie is such a classy lady and is a delight to speak to. She always puts my mind at ease and I know what she says is the truth and good things will begin to happen soon. Thank you and God bless you, Natalie.

  258. Vanessa, sorry we were cut off during my reading. Thank you for being there for me in my time of need. I believe you are correct about my situation and I will try to remain calm. You are a wonderful, caring person and I trust your accuracy implicitly. Thanks for all of your good wishes. Love you!

  259. Sorry Matt, the call got cut off. I really needed your reassurance and thank you for comforting me.

  260. Kayla , I am going to try what you said, I’m scared but going to do it. Thanks again, I will stay in touch.

  261. Skyler is remarkable. She’s loving and honest with her reading. I will definitely call her back again.

  262. Thank you, April. I pray you are right again, thank you for all your insights.

  263. I love Ronnie! She’s so amazing! We always connect so well and she always tunes in so quickly and accurately into my POIs energy! I love calling her to calm my nerves. She has been on point with earlier predictions! Waiting for the next one to pass.

  264. AnneMarie is a true psychic reader! She makes you feel at ease with her soft spoken voice. She is able to give you quick answers to your questions without having you wait a long time for an answer.

  265. Neo, thank you for your sound advice on all the situations I had to ask about. You always steer me in the right direction. I feel relieved.

  266. So thankful for all your help and patience, Layla. I will update you in 2 weeks.

  267. Ann, thank you as always. You are my angel, you’ve been with me since the beginning when I started dealing with this difficult situation. I hope and trust things will change soon.

  268. Jen is compassionate, patient, detailed and extremely accurate.

  269. Mimi, thank you so so much for being there to clarify all my concerns. Everything you had tell me are coming to fruition. I hope we talk soon.

  270. April, sorry I ran out of my fund and could not say thank you. I will be back with updates soon.

  271. This is my first call with Penny and I have to start off by saying that her voice and demeanor are so comforting. Penny did not use any tools and was able to tune in so quickly to my POI. She told me things that another trusted advisor stated, almost as if they were one and the same. Penny shared timelines which I am always grateful for.

  272. Lulu is very sweet, kind and makes sure to answer all of your questions without wasting time. She has been consistent in details and her predictions about the boy I love.

  273. He’s an amazing advisor. Marc knows the thoughts and words the person is actually going to say and actions they take.

  274. Brooke provides concise responses that resonate with my situation. You are a jewel, Brooke.

  275. Thank you, Carol! I was waiting to write the review to see if some of the predictions you stated would happen. You were right! things between us is better now and it was just a bump on the road. He keeps telling me that he loves me but like you said he will say it in a down playing way. Can’t wait for the rest of your predictions to happen.

  276. I strongly recommend Lana! Try her and you wouldn’t be able to be satisfied with another reader. Her line is very long and totally worth the wait.

  277. Shana is always right on, that’s why I enjoy her readings. She will tell you what direction to take. So thankful.

  278. I am highly depressed and feel like giving up. After talking to Neo, I feel rejuvenated and little more better. Thank you so much, Neo.

  279. She is wonderful, so gifted and so patient. I am so grateful to Molly and I cannot thank her enough for her help.

  280. Karina has the ability to offer the finest details and extremely thorough explanations in a warm, understanding manner. Her level of knowing is beyond compare!

  281. Your readings are so full of information, it’s as if you were there and are relaying everything that was said and done! Thank you, Mary, you never cease to amaze! Thanks so much for your kindness and for sharing such an amazing and strong gift!

  282. Thank you, Daisy! I truly can’t thank you enough for all that you do! As you know, the level of details you provide about every aspect of my life helped me to prepare myself for what’s ahead. I am so grateful for your gifts, but also for your kindness, patience and sense of humor.

  283. Not only is she accurate, Janet is very detailed too. She’s honest and doesn’t give hopeful false timelines. So reliable!

  284. Part of Rose’s prediction came true! Now, I am just waiting for the other part to come true!

  285. Thank you Hannah for being honest, truthful and taking your time to put all your effort in my reading. You are wonderful and possessed special gifts. I am so hurting hoping she comes back soon.

  286. Good, I enjoyed the reading with Ginnie. She’s been very supportive all throughout.

  287. Amazing! Dorina is very good when it comes to details. Hits the info right away and tunes in immediately.

  288. Hi Lily! It’s great to speak with you tonight. Thanks again for tonight and hope to speak with you soon!

  289. It was all a fairy tale in my head and Sita woke me up from it. She gave me a very good reading where I realized what reality and fairy tale is.

  290. Lana is truly amazing! She will tell you the truth without sugarcoating yet maintaining her gentle nature.

  291. I hope you know how much your gifts have helped me and how much I appreciate everything! You are beyond incredible, Sena!

  292. Karina is a powerhouse of information and perspective, and her sense of humor is the best! She goes deep into the thoughts and motivations of people which provides much needed clarity. Thank you Karina!

  293. Amber is very detailed and descriptive. She provides so much clarity to the situation. She has a very calming, soothing, graceful voice that is most comforting. A very accurate reader who is one of the best advisors I’ve ever encountered.

  294. Giselle has such a calming and soothing effect that I just love. I just love talking to her.

  295. Another prediction came to pass exactly as she said! Kayla is amazing. I was skeptical that this particular prediction would come true as it seemed far from where everyone was at at the time but it has now happened. I look forward to all of her predictions and to talking to her again. Kayla is so gifted!

  296. Honest, compassionate and clear. Wanda’s message resonates with my situation.

  297. Wow! It’s my first reading with Kate and she tuned so well! She answered me in detailed with every question I had. very nice and polite.. I will come back for 5 stars if her predictions are accurate.

  298. Awesome. Thank you so much, Ivy. You have been such a great help in helping me restore hope for humanity.

  299. Ginnie is my go to. She has guided me for a very long time. She is so wise and her intuition is more than I can put in words. Thank you for being here for me.

  300. Natalie is truly one of a kind! I was amazed at how quickly she tuned into my POI’s energy and told me things he felt about a certain situation he was in.

  301. I’m very grateful for Brooke. Her insights are very true and it’s the reason I keep reading with her. Thank you, Brooke.

  302. Bettina is amazing! I’m always thankful for her spot on reading and great advice.

  303. Great reading with Angelina! Talking with her always makes me feels more positive about the future because she has such good insight.

  304. Thank you for the reading, Sydney. I really enjoyed it.

  305. I’m waiting for prediction to unfold in the next few weeks but have every confidence it will. Luke is absolutely the best.

  306. Karina, thank u so much as always. You were always right and I appreciate your guidance and patience with me, we will talk soon for sure.

  307. Elena was wonderful. She’s worth the wait.

  308. Thank you! This was my first reading with Valerie. She was very detailed on my poi and the new guy coming in. She also said about a promotion next year. I will update when things change. I feel so much calmer now.

  309. Karina is amazing and so in-tuned. Love my readings with Karina, she is like a friend to me.

  310. Sita was very compassionate and wise. I felt valued by her and will definitely read with her again. Everything Sita said about my poi was in line with my other favorite advisors. I really hope her predictions come true. Thank you Sita, I will see you soon.

  311. I read with Lily a lot during the time my state was locked down. Lily accurately predicted when things would resume between me and my poi. I was so happy when he reappeared. Now, I am waiting for her predictions of this relationship moving to the next level. She is totally normal and has a good sense of humor. It’s like talking to your best friend but she has magic powers.

  312. Nina stands out. She will tell you as is.

  313. Valerie is good. The reading was good. I am just so happy I chose her.

  314. My first reading with Lily and I can see why she is so popular and sought after. She provided a lot of clarity into my difficult situation and helped alleviate my anxiety. I felt so much better after talking with Lily. Thank you!

  315. Maria confirmed she’s a true seer during my reading with her by giving me specific, personal details that no one knows. Also, her choice of words is uncanny! I don’t know if she can read minds but her prediction coming true got my full attention!

  316. Just when I doubted Simone, her predictions come through. I was giving up and losing hope but she was right!

  317. I don’t know what to do anymore, Ivy. She’s been passive aggressive. She’ll text asking if I’m upset with her and that she is very busy. Yet when I text her and ask if I can call her, I get no response. I just get the feeling she wants nothing to do with me. I just hold back and I give her the space. She must know she’s hurting me. I can’t believe she can be that kind of person. I’m truly thankful for having you.

  318. This was my first time reading with Mary. She was very kind, made me feel at ease and gave me lots of specific details. I pray she is right and I will be back to read with her some more. Thank you Mary!

  319. My first reading and it’s a wow. Love Rocco, he is so personal. I will wait in line from now on!

  320. Thank you for that great reading. I had tech issues with purchasing and got back in line. Looking forward to continuing our chat, Ivy.

  321. You are a rock for me. Thank you for your dedication to your craft. I appreciate you so much, Molly.

  322. Has not changed from her other reading, I hope they come to pass soon. It’s comforting to speak with Sena.

  323. My favorite! She is approachable, easy to talk to and always on point. Thanks again, Hannah.

  324. I hope your prediction that the communication will continue and start to pick up traction will hold true., Katerena. Thank you for always caring.

  325. As a reading junkie who has had my share of readings over the years, I just wish I had connected to Mary earlier. She picked up on situations/people that have been bothering me without me even asking about them. Will be back for more.

  326. Robin, your amazing! Thank you so much for the advice and guidance.

  327. I was so anxious to talk to Bea. Bea is definitely worth the money and wait! I only wish I could talk to her longer and more often. She has given me insight and information that has helped me on my path. She is always right when it comes to my situation. Believe her when she gives you information.

  328. Jim, you have been my rock and I’m thankful for it. I feel so strong that the situation with the person in question will come to pass. You have been so accurate in so many things. Thank you for your insights.

  329. Beth, I want to thank you for supporting me and giving me insight through this difficult time with her. You are an amazing woman. You’re not only gifted but you offer sensible advice in a caring and compassionate way, and for that I am grateful. I will keep you posted as things unfold !

  330. Always worth waiting to speak with Rena. I will post and update you again my dear, Rena!

  331. The reading was great, Brenda. I will be waiting for the prediction to come to pass. I will get back to you.

  332. Ginger knows what she is talking about when she tells past and present events. If you are new and thinking of trying Ginger, she will not disappoint you! Her line stays long because she is gifted, true psychic abilities and cares about her clients. I have been calling about the same person for over a year and she is always pleasant and eases my mind.

  333. First time caller, and I was so impressed. Tammy is genuine, honest and accurate. She really validated my experience, and was spot on with details. I’ll be back and thank you!

  334. You are so wonderful and patient. Thank you for lighting up the situation for me, Sena. He was flirting with her and leading her on the whole time. I won’t let him hurt her.

  335. Farrah is a very good advisor. Waiting to see if she is correct.

  336. Thank you for helping me to understand what’s happening. You are my go to psychic, Sena!

  337. I’ve been waiting a long time for this to take place. All you told me about the situation were dead on, Jim. Thank you!

  338. Sita is great as always. I call her whenever I feel lost and confused.

  339. Made a prediction and it come to fruition. Carol’s been spot on with her readings.

  340. Love Rocco… I think he picks up on other people’s energy very well.

  341. Thanks so much for the awesome reading last night! You were so right! It happened exactly like you said word per word! You are really blessed by God because the words that came out of your mouth, J repeated to me today. You told he was gonna be so happy to see me today and guess what he said: I am so happy you are back! I am definitely going to call you back soon, Luke!

  342. Truly gifted psychic! Don’t hesitate to call Olivia! If you want to hear the truth, call her! She is amazing! Love her.

  343. Taylor picks up on things and just dives right into the situation. She’s very good indeed.

  344. Sage, you’re the best and your insight has been spot on and so helpful! A million thanks with all your help with “R”! Speak to you soon!

  345. I have been reading with Tula for awhile and she is the best of the best. She describes people so accurately and a few of her predictions have come to fruition. Thanks for all your help with “R”!

  346. Rocco can I come home with you and just sit listening to you forever. I trust you as I would trust my sister. You’re my guiding star!

  347. I’m still waiting to hear from him and my heart is very heavy and hurting. I hope it does happen and I can smile again, Ginnie. You were right on so many other things and I know it hurts but I just can’t give up yet.

  348. I have had 2 readings with Donovan, weeks apart. He was fast to begin my reading after me just stating my name. Both of his readings were exactly the same which gives me confidence that his prediction will materialize in the near future. I will get in line for another reading with Donovan and recommend him to all.

  349. I know everything will be ok… It just is very painful without him, Aditi. Thank you for keeping me on track and for always being so right on with everything. Wish we had more time to speak but I got it for now… Talk soon, Aditi!

  350. You and Katerena did mention to me there will be an M that I will meet and describe his description even his occupation in the justice system. Amazingly, my mouth dropped when the letter M that I have just met recently that fits the description and even to the deepest details of his occupations. It’s unfolding mama. Love and light.

  351. Thanks, Annabelle. You never wavered about him still loving me and coming back to me. I almost lose hope but he came back the way you told me to.

  352. Always wonderful! Ginnie is very understanding and non-judgmental. She knows everything that’s happening to me from the get go.

  353. Hannah is the best, you must call her! Xoxo- Ramona.

  354. Wow! Hannah, I can wait to see your prediction come to pass. I will call you soon.

  355. Thank you hun for a great reading. You gave me a lot of good advice with some predictions which i look forward to. I will def. keep you posted and hope everything pans out as you said thanks and God Bless, Daisy!

  356. Elena, words cannot convey what a remarkable woman and psychic that you are! Thank you so much for everything. I couldn’t do it without you! Louie showed up at my house this morning, one grandchild in tow! I look forward to your predictions coming true!

  357. Gina sees the new guy has huge potential and will step it up and declare his love for me, so will wait patiently for this to unfold! Call her!

  358. Amazing! Everything to the T… Vera is accurate and honest. She will tell you the truth no matter what. I love her.

  359. You’re amazingly accurate. Everything you said are so true and I will follow your advice. I am so glad to talk to you and I will def call and talk to you soon. I want everyone to know Sita is the most accurate psychic ever. She is the only psychic i trust now.

  360. Jade is and angel. She helped me through everything.

  361. I cannot say enough about Annabelle. She is simply wonderful! She just knows stuff that would not be easy to just guess on. Her details cannot be rivaled by anyone. She is honest and to the point.

  362. Thank God that you are in my life, Ivy. I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

  363. Eva is honestly the best. The vast majority of her predictions come to pass. She is so honest and is so down to earth.

  364. As always, thanks very much Rocco for giving me a thorough and accurate reading. You always pick my spirits up when I am down. I don’t know what I would do without you. You are such a gifted and special person. Love you, Rocco.

  365. Love Valerie. She’s 100 percent on point. I appreciate the readings very much as well. Will call you back.

  366. Oh my! Is there a better word than wow? Carol is and worth the wait. She is so worth it.

  367. Thank you. You know I love her, Sydney. The time goes very fast though. I dont know if I can’t wait that long.

  368. Over the years, I have consulted Dee on so many issues, and consistently she has shown to be right in her analysis and predictions. She’s definitely a wonderful, talented person and an asset for this site.

  369. I love Debby. So kind and generous. Always spot on.

  370. Zen is one of my go-to. She is so kind and wants the best for me.

  371. Anna was very reassuring today. Let’s see what happens.

  372. I thought she was just being nice and perhaps telling me what I want to hear. But I think it’s only been a few days since the reading and my person came around like Angie said and is wanting to see me again after not talking for quite some time. I was kind of in shock. Angie sees underlying unsaid feelings, bigger picture and outcome.

  373. Beth is very good. Fast, accurate and straight to the point.

  374. Daisy is my go-to when I’m stressed out and need clarity.

  375. She is great to read with. Mia is kind, compassionate and understanding. She is always honest and straightforward.

  376. Love Nellie. Such a fantastic read. Her energy is fantastic, and she is so encouraging with the information she shares.

  377. Fantastic with every reading for years now. Hannah gives an honest reading all the time.

  378. Dakota is now in my PsychicOz circle. Quick reading and does not waste time. One of her predictions came true.

  379. Love my readings with Danielle! She is absolutely wonderful and so accurate!

  380. Always love connecting with Maria!

  381. Great reading with details and accurate information regarding POI. Try Elena.

  382. After speaking with Mariana, it felt like such a weight lifted. Her cards were accurate with my situation at present. After 6 very difficult months, I feel like I can take control of my life again, no matter what happens. Mariana is very comforting to speak with.

  383. Just wow! Mel is amazing! Not only does she come across as a warm and caring person but reading with her was amazing. She quickly but thoroughly explained the cards and how they applied to my situation. I cannot recommend her enough!

  384. Insightful and informative follow up. I can’t wait for predictions to finally take place. Danielle definitely knows how to calm me down.

  385. Agnes is straightforward and I love it about her.

  386. It’s been a true pleasure chatting with Ginnie. I take everything in and I’m putting my foot down for all the good things coming to me. Thank you.

  387. Extraordinary and extensive with future prediction. Vera is truly amazing.

  388. Hamna was detailed and honest about what she saw. Quick with info.

  389. I love Donovan. He can see so much of what is going on and gives you clarity. I will read with him again.

  390. I enjoyed my reading with her. Deborah really opened my mind up to a lot of things.

  391. Brenda is absolutely amazing! Her reading was so fast, detailed and accurate. Not only is she a skilled reader, but she also has the most warm and comforting demeanor. I just can’t wait to see her predictions unfold. She has been spot on in the past and I trust that will not have changed. Thank you for the meaningful conversation, Brenda .

  392. Enjoyed my call with Luke. He has been consistent with previous calls.

  393. One of the most amazing psychics I have ever read with! Rosie is truly worth it!

  394. Agnes is the most accurate reader I’ve ever read with. There’s been times her predictions occurred within minutes of hanging up with her. Definitely in my top 3!

  395. Wow, thank you. You really put my heart at ease, Daisy. I cannot wait to see your predictions unfold. I love ya.

  396. Samara is authentic and empowering. She was right and positive. Hoping the prediction came true.

  397. Always a pleasure to speak with Samara. I cant wait for everything to play out the way it supposed to.

  398. Always a great reading with Marlin. She sees so much without anything from me.

  399. Wow, she doesn’t waste time or money. I recommend Riley. There’s a reason why it’s hard to get a hold of her.

  400. No matter what happens day to day, her readings have stayed constant! Love Destiny! Amazing! She’s a real deal.

  401. Vera is always amazing! Last call, she told me I would see a red cardinal as a sign. The next day, I saw a red cardinal wind chime. I am looking forward to seeing her other predictions play out.

  402. Great reading and very inspiring. Some of Shana’s predictions are already happening. Thank you for your reading.

  403. She was so kind, detailed and knew things that I never told. Kate is amazing.

  404. Lovely woman. Ginnie reads quickly and I appreciate that. Information flows because she’s that good, but also she’s considerate of her clients time and money spent. Extremely gifted! Gave predictions and timelines for prediction events.

  405. Ronnie is my go-to! Her details are always consistent!!! Love her!

  406. Consistent, strong reader, kind, direct and compassionate. Valerie knows her cards and her reading method. Very much recommended. Thank you for being here!

  407. Predictions are unfolding just as she said. Exact timeframe too! I am speechless! Beth is super gifted.

  408. Amazing! She brought up two men and I didn’t even ask about them. Samara knew that they were both past relationships but that one was very recent and one was from a long time ago. Did not think that the most recent was over for good and that he stilled loved me and I know he does. She will be my new go-to.

  409. Last week, I had a reading about 7pm and you told me he might call that night. He called around 9pm. You are the best when it comes to “timing!” Thanks so much for all you support and encouragement over the past year, Vera!

  410. She’s the real deal. You get what you pay for with Ginnie and more. She will deliver the truth.

  411. OMG! I’ve read with many people on this line and Lola stood out. On top of it all, she was so genuine, compassionate, caring and warm. I look forward to my next reading with her. Worth every penny.

  412. She is absolutely incredible, so encouraging and a true gift to PsychicOz! She has helped me get through some tough times and has walked me through step by step, she’s so accurate! Thanks, Marie!

  413. Jacey, I am not easily impressed, but you have impressed me with my reading. I’ve never before read with you. Look forward to all things we discussed to unfold and prove themselves.

  414. I don’t write too many testimonials, but definitely wanted to say that Hannah is an awesome reader. She is quick and she is one of the few that amazes me with every reading. She has such an amazing energy as well and is patient even when I am at my lowest. I have read with many and she is definitely one of the best and I definitely recommend reading with her.

  415. Thank you for reconfirming what my heart has been feeling. I will do as you say and think good thoughts to speed up the timeframe, Samantha. My spirit has been lifted and I will not give up. I will touch base again when I hear from him. You’re my angel.

  416. I’ve been reading with Ginnie for quite some time about the same person. She is always accurate and this last reading blew me away! She was able to describe perfectly my new work conditions along with a co-worker I have been struggling with.

  417. You are gifted, compassionate and amazing. You’ve been consistent with your readings and your advice. I will hang in there like you said, Ginnie. I very much look forward to speaking with you after I get back from the city. I don’t have the vocabulary to express the level of gratitude I feel.

  418. Glenn is amazing! Great connection, he answered my 1st question with the quickness and my reading didn’t even start! He then said to me “Stop worrying so much, before you drive yourself crazy for no reason.” He was right, he knew exactly how I was feeling. He is so honest and compassionate, he gave me a lot info of me and my future with my man. Call him!

  419. Angie, you saw an increase in money coming my way within the next 3 weeks but I was hesitant to believe it because my salary was frozen indefinitely. I received a notice from my HR Dept. informing me that I was getting a delayed step increase in my payroll but I will get it. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the prediction you made about a relationship matter will come to fruition as well.

  420. It was my first reading with Annabelle. She was very pleasant, she tried her best to give as much info as she could.

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