Are You a Lightworker? Follow the Signs

Are You a Lightworker

Lightworkers are people that help the world. They are part of a spiritual place and if you feel that you aren’t able to reach your purpose or you feel that you want to help others, you might be a lightworker. Lightworkers have a special place in the world.

Understanding a Lightworker

A lightworker is someone that has been through their enlightenment. They are people that are there to help you to have light in your life. These are people that are often overly sensitive and are old souls. Most lightworkers are empaths.

Lightworkers are there to bring light and love into the world. They are connected to each other and to the universe. They are people that bring out the dark shadows in the world but they are there to focus on good things such as:

  • Helping with trauma.
  • Healing the soul.
  • Getting rid of bad beliefs.
  • Helping to heal the inner child.
  • Working on the shadow self.

Signs of Being a Lightworker

Here are some of the signs of being a lightworker:

  • You have went through your awakening.
  • You are overly sensitive, or you are an empath.
  • You are connected with your intuition.
  • The desire to help others is strong.
  • As a child you felt like you were an older person.
  • There are lots of synchronicities that come in your life.
  • You have deep thoughts.
  • You wonder what life has for you.
  • Darkness is something that you want to explore because you want to bring light into it.
  • Past trauma causes you to embrace hope and you are a wounded healer.
  • You are a mystic.
  • You have strong self-awareness.
  • The spiritual journey that you are on means you are growing.
  • You are sensitive to energies around you.
  • You might struggle with anxiety.
  • You love to go into nature.
  • You have gone through ego death.
  • The path you are on is your own unique path.
  • It is hard to set boundaries in your own life.
  • Soul reconnection is part of your journey.
  • You are destined to do something positive in the world.
  • You love the planet and you have strong compassion.

Final Thoughts

If you feel that you are a lightworker, remember, you have a strong place in this world. You are here for a purpose and you will help to heal the world around you one person at a time.