Using Your Brain for Clairaudience

Using Your Brain for Clairaudience

Having clairaudient powers means that you are able to hear things in the spiritual world. People that have this gift and are brave and able to listen can get the guidance that they need to reach their higher self.

Have you ever heard something when there wasn’t anything there and you wonder if you are clairaudient? This is a French word that means “clear hearing”, and this means that you can hear with spiritual ears.

What are Clairaudient Powers?

The idea behind clairaudience is that these people can hear things with their spiritual ears. This means that they can use their spirit to hear things. You might think that children that claim to have this gift have imaginary friends, but chances are that they are actually speaking to someone in the spirit world.

Parents and teachers often believe that children are making things up but sometimes they have spiritual gifts that no one really understands. Here are some things that can happen with your clairaudient gifts:

  • You can be born with the clairaudient gifts.
  • People that are in charge of you might ignore you or not believe you.
  • The powers might not show up until you are an adult.
  • You might choose to ignore the voices because you are fearful.
  • You hear things such as voices or get signs from music.
  • You try to find ways to develop your gifts.

People who are clairaudient do not have to decide to have this gift. They can choose if they want to hear the spiritual voices or if they don’t want to. If a person is afraid of their gifting, they might choose to ignore it or to hide it. Those that love this gift seem to seek adventures and be risk takers.

You can choose to embrace your gift and find out what the guidance has to show you, and this can help you to develop your gifts. You might choose to become a medium or a psychic.

What is Clairaudience?

Clairaudience is when you hear something in the spiritual world in the form of ESP or extra sensory perceptions. You can hear guidance or hear voices that will guide you.

Being a clairaudient means that you can talk to people that have died and you can reach into the spirit world. You can give messages to those that have died.

Hearing Voices

Part of being clairaudient means that you will hear voices. This can mean that someone will say your name or that you will hear things in the distance that may not be in the physical form. You might be able to read the minds of others through telepathy.

Some people call this having a divine ear and this means that your messages can come in the form of voices or even in the form of thoughts. Not everyone will hear things in full sentences but sometimes they will just get bits and pieces of information.