How to find your spirit guide

How to find your spirit guide

A common interest is locating your spirit guide. Whether we are aware of it or not, we do have a spirit guide.  The question remains, what impact will finding your spirit guide have on your life?

Not only that, how do you go about finding your spirit guide? It is possible to locate this spiritual companion, but first you have to set your intention to do so.

Locating your guide brings in the  laws of attraction.  They power of these laws will help you contact your guide.   To help find your guide, you should mediate daily.  When you set the intent to connect with your guide, your daily meditation will help you become aware of the spirits around you. Once you are aware of them, you will be able to make contact to see which of those spirits will be willing to work with you.

There are two words that are regularly used to set apart those people who talk to spirits; mediumship and clairvoyance.

Clairvoyance means clear seeing and is not just associated with spiritual communication. This clear seeing allows the person to have psychic visions.

Psychics and mediums have different ways to connect with their spirit guides.

Some have clairaudience which allows the psychic to actually hear the voice of the spirit.  This makes it easier for them to receive guidance from the spirits.

Some have success with using crystals to help  them connect with the spirits. A Purpurite stone is a great choice to use while meditating.  This crystal will help you process their communication with you. Another stone that is helpful with hearing spirits is the Petalite.  This is because the Petalite vibrates at a high level which helps you contact angels.  This stone, in conjunction with the lepidocrocite stone will help strengthen your lines of communication.

The Atacamite is also very interesting as it has been found to have a strong and forceful energy of its own.   It is used to help develop psychic powers.

There are many stones and crystals that will help one connect with the spirit world. Herderite, for example, will help reroute neurotransmitters and open up new ways  of thinking.

Whatever crystal you choose, holding them while you meditate will help you make a connection. You can wear these crystals as you go about your daily life to help expedite thing.

It is important to remember that you should do some grounding work before you begin a lot of spiritual exploration. This is to help prevent health problems later.

You can help ground yourself by meditating with an earth star chakra. This will help provide you with psychic protection, which is important as you invite spiritual contact.

Some crystals that you could try include; agate and amber. Black Obsidian and Purple Amethyst are also good.

As mentioned previously, the first step to take when locating your guide is to make your intention. Once you do that you should commit to a specific mediation just for your request for spiritual guidance. You should do this every day.  The next step is to express gratitude and thanks is advance of your communication.

This meditation practice will be more effective if you use any of the crown chakra stones to boost your inherent psychic gifts.

Once you have made your connection, you may want to know who you guide is. While it could literally be anyone, it will more than likely be someone  who had an affinity for the spiritual during their living years.  That is why it is not unusual for people to say that their guide is from an indigenous tribe.

Indigenous peoples have a history of respecting and communicating with the metaphysical world. It only stands to reason that they would continue this practice in the afterlife.

The best way to find the identity of your spirit guide is to ask them. After you have begun working with them, you will become familiar with their characteristics.  Depending on your psychic abilities you can ask them to show you how they look and hear.  Be polite when you ask your questions and wait to hear their answer. Use your attitude of gratitude that you used in your meditative state that called them to you in the beginning:

Quiet your mind and center yourself. Do not try to stop thoughts from coming into your mind, just let them go and be peaceful. While maintaining your peaceful state, think welcoming thoughts and wait for you guide to contact you.

If you make your intention known and keep your state of peaceful gratitude, your guide will reach out to you.