How to tell if a psychic is bad news

How to tell if a psychic is bad news

As sad as it seems, sometimes people get taken advantage of by psychics. This is unfortunate because people who truly need help may not seek it because they are afraid of being scammed especially since there are no regulations in the psychic industry.

Psychics without integrity

While there are some fantastic psychics who are ethical and trustworthy. There are also some who do not.  This does not mean that these scammers do not have psychic ability, and here  is where you should be cautious; a scammer may be able tell you something true. Then, once they win your trust, they will go on with the con.

The Con: The most famous psychic con of them all: “You are cursed!” Then when you are reeling from the shock, they offer to remove the course or give you a lucky charm. Of course this remedy will come with a huge price tag.

Now curses can be real. But curses are rare.  You don’t need a special mediator to remove it.  You can actually use intention to remove your own curse.

Scammers can reach you in the most innocuous of ways; via email. A psychic can draw you in by offering a free reading in exchange for your email address. When you sign up, they can then scare you with the proclamation that someone close to you has cursed you.  They will then go on to explain that they can sell you a good luck charm to cure you. If you do not respond, the will then bombard you with ever increasing  horrors that will befall you if you do not purchase the charm.  You can remove that particular curse by blocking their email.

Do not give someone money for removing a curse. Do not allow yourself to be taken advantage of.

Another popular scam is the  proclamation that you, yourself  are a negative soul. If a psychic offers to rid you of your negative energy, you should run in the other direction, because the only negative energy in your presence is that particular psychic.