The Seven Phases of Twin Flame Relationships

The Seven Phases of Twin Flame Relationships

There’s more to the Twin Flame journey than meets the eye. Therefore, learning about the Twin Flame process will help you succeed. Twin Flames, sometimes called “mirror souls,” are a single soul that has split into two, and then incarnated into two separate physical bodies. More intimate than a soul mate, meeting your Twin Flame is often described as an instant connection, or “coming home.”

Generally speaking, there are seven broad phases of the journey to your Twin Flame. Some of these phases are brief, some are more extended, and some Twin Flame pairs may experience some of them more than once. Some phases may be skipped, while others will always occur.

This list is not intended as a roadmap for the Twin Flame journey, for no such outline exists. As in all relationships, unpredictable challenges and opportunities will be found along the way. Also, every person is unique, so the exact route your relationship takes depends on who is involved and how your energy will interact with theirs.

With this in mind, here are the seven common phases that most Twin Flame relationships experience, along with some helpful tips and hints for moving forward.

  1. Longing

The first phase of the Twin Flame journey can be experienced before you have even heard of Twin Flames. This longing phase is distinguished by a sense that you’re missing something crucial from your life, as if you’re incomplete. You won’t necessarily feel like staying home alone to cry in your bedroom every night. It’s more like you sense that there’s somebody waiting somewhere for you to find them.

In this first phase, you may fall in love and even maintain long-term relationships, but you won’t ever feel like you’ve found “The One.” Tragically, most people long for their Twin Flame for their entire lives. To move to the next phase, you must be spiritually and emotionally prepared. Chakra meditation, crystals, and yoga can all help you to achieve the ideal level of preparation.

  1. Contact

For the lucky few who reach this phase, coming into contact with your Twin Flame is a special treat. Leading up to your first meeting, you’ll start having dreams in which he or she appears. You may not get a clear look at them, but you ‘ll intuitively know them by their energy. You’ll also notice synchronicities sending messages of the impending contact, such as repeating numbers and other coincidences.

The day you are to meet, your normal routine will be disrupted and you’ll find yourself in an unfamiliar environment. Your Twin Flame will be experiencing the same disruption. Then your eyes will meet in this situation that you both were not supposed to be in, and you’ll know immediately that fate is bringing you together.

  1. Harmony

The third phase is a stage that all new Twin Flame couples get to experience. It’s a blissful period of unity and peace in which the two of you seem to agree about everything, and everything works in favor of your new relationship. Unfortunately, this phase is often short-lived, because Twin Flame relationships move at a faster pace than others. No matter the length, it’s a sweet phase in the relationship that should be relished.

  1. Adversity

Sooner rather than later, you will encounter some type of adversity, such as a major argument, a series of minor disagreements, or lots of little things that accumulate and stress you. Adversity results because while a Twin Flame brings out your strengths, it also highlights your flaws, which can be painful and uncomfortable.

  1. Separation

In many Twin Flame relationships, the adversity phase leads to separation. Time spent apart from your Twin Flame will be difficult. In many Twin Flame relationships, Adversity causes one partner to run away from the relationship with the other chasing after them, but things are not always this precise.

In this phase, the “runner” is often compelled by unresolved past traumas, though issues with confidence and self-esteem are also common contributors. Whether you are running or chasing, you need to work to accept your past so you can embrace your future and move beyond this phase.

  1. Submission

In the long run, Separation serves your greater good, as it leads to Submission. Being separated becomes easier as old wounds heal. Eventually, you’ll reach a balanced state of calm. This allows both you and you and your partner to submit to fate. You will acknowledge your supernatural connection and accept its power, and submit to your Twin Flame connection to draw you back together. Now the next and last phase is imminent

  1. Unity

The whole journey has led to this final phase: unity. Through synchronicity or by actually initiating contact, you and your Twin Flame will finally unite as mature, more highly evolved entities. There isn’t much that can hold you back, and nothing can distract you from looking ahead to your future together. Your issues have all been resolved, and you’re finally ready to wholly unite and be together.

So, is unity the end of the journey? Not quite. Though united, you will face new challenges. Life is full of them. You may experience an additional Adversity phase or two along your way. It all depends on where life takes you, and the obstacles you encounter along your way.

But now you have the ideal partner, with whom challenges seem not only easier, but also rewarding and fulfilling. The two of you are in it together forever, so even bad times won’t seem so bad after all. You’re united with your Twin Flame, and your journey will lead you together to a higher realm of consciousness.