Being a Starseed Type

Being a Starseed Type

Most mothers believe that their children are special, and they should, but what if your child is really out of this world? What if your child is a crystal, star seed, or indigo? This is a child that is able to come from past decades and they are from beyond the universe and have a strong conscious state.

Indigo Children

Indigo children have certain spiritual attributes and they are known by the vibrational colors that they have around them. It is no new thing that Indigo children have indigo auras. People from way back have realized that their children are different, and the name Indigo has been named from Kyron who found that these children were different. They are seen differently from doctors, psychologists, and educators.

Indigo children know who they are but there are people that do not recognize these children and what they have in their life.

What is an Indigo?

Children that are Indigo children are different than other children because they have higher thought levels. They have traits that are calling them to a bigger place in the universe. They are children that have a bond with the supernatural and they are different in time and place.


Indigo children are generally more sensitive and stronger willed than other children. They do not realize that they have intuition yet because of their age but they are able to know and believe in things that other people do not know or believe in.

These children often have high IQ’s and a lot of confidence and they are sometimes diagnosed with things such as ADD or ADHD.

Crystal Children

Crystal children are other children that are very different. They like to use their mind and do not focus on material things. Many of these children have old souls.


Children that are crystal children usually come in large numbers. They have different colored auras and sometimes their eyes are rounder. They are generally sensitive to things around them and have many allergies.

These children love to be in nature, they love to climb, and they love to hug trees. They feel connected to nature and they hate loud noises. They are very connected with pets and with mankind. They often are healers, volunteers and become doctors or teachers.


A crystal child is able to feel what others are feeling in their life. They have a different purpose in life, and they are very strong. They want peace for the planet and they often have clairvoyant and other clair gifts.

Starseed Children

Starseed children are children that have been sent from the universe to help the world. They are people that have spiritual qualities and are psychic. They are special and have a special assignment from the universe.

Starseed children are in three groups: crystal children, Indigo children, and rainbow children. They have natural abilities and they know their spiritual path.

These children have a special energy that makes them aware of their spiritual giftings. They have energy that allows people to get closer to each other and to develop their gifts.

These children generally have clair giftings and they are able to know trouble and to gain knowledge without any real reason. They often have out of body experiences, are telepathic and are able to channel energy.

Special Children

The Starseed children are very special children. They have advanced consciousness and they are able to contribute to mankind. They are able to help others and will help to change darkness into light.

Even though these children are special, they carry a bigger responsibility than other people do and so they are one with the planet.