The Colors of Meditation

The Colors of Meditation

Some people see colors when they meditate, do you?

Many people can close their eyes and see colors right away and then when they get into deep meditation their visions will be so strong that it will cause them to have different sensations.

Getting Distracted

There are some people that will see colors and visions when they meditate. They have different energies that surround them and cause them to see colors.

Some see this as progress in meditation and some colors can be a sign that you are healing in your mind, body, and spirit.

One thing to remember is not to let the colors that you see when you meditate to distract you. If you spend too much time focusing on the colors, you will forget to focus on the universe and on your spirit.

Let the colors go and come back to them later. Remember what colors you have and when you finish meditating, concentrate on the colors, and see what they mean for you.

Other Ideas

When you meditate and you see colors or shapes, pay attention to them but do not be distracted. This can cause your meditation to be less effective.

Seeing these colors can be a healing experience and it can mean that your chakras are lining up. Pay attention to what colors you see and what parts of the body they are filling. If you see a green color by your heart, chances are your heart is healing.

You also want to notice what colors are coming towards you and what colors make you feel like. When you meditate and the colors come, notice the different colors. This can be a progression of your meditation.

You may see things in your meditative state such as your heartbeat moving, or you might be more aware to the experiences around you. If you see moving lights then it means you are reaching a deeper state of concentration but you need to focus on your meditating and not so much on the moving lights or you will lose your concentration.

If you see colors while you meditate, do not be afraid of this. This can mean your body is healing and can be a signal to you that you have had a blocked chakra.

Do not be distracted by the colors but learn to accept and embrace them and to deepen your level of meditation until you get to the point you want to be.

Remember, each of your chakras has a special color that is assigned to them so when you get finished meditating, journal each of the colors that you saw and know what they mean for you and for your healing.

Keep meditating and reaching for your higher state.