The Difference between Clairvoyant, Intuitive and Medium

The Difference between Clairvoyant, Intuitive and Medium

We usually get confused by various terms which tend to explain spiritual advisory work as we browse online for spiritual counselors. Other individuals consider them as one while others who self-use those terms don’t even know what they mean. It’s very essential to understand the kind of work guides will be performing for you, their way and how they acquire information.

What’s the meaning of Clairvoyants, Empathy, Channel, Medium, Intuitive and how they differ with each other? Let’s research.


Anything that relates with sensitivity to non-physical or supernatural nature is clairvoyant’s work. We should comprehend what clairvoyant’s work doesn’t involve before we comprehend what it involves.

It is the work of our five senses to gather and process information.  Clairvoyants work involves getting information in the absence of these methods. They use extra-sensory methods to gain insights into individuals or situations that might not be obtained normally.

Clairvoyants describe their work as an extra-sensory manner in which they obtain insight. These are clairvoyance (seeing without the physical eyes), clairaudience (hearing without the physical ears) and clairsentience (feeling without the physical body itself) this might be challenging but you can contemplate it in this manner.

Physical senses are expressions of spiritual senses. This, therefore, means that there are spiritual eyes behind the physical eyes and spiritual ears behind physical ears. Information gathered by these senses is interpreted by clairvoyants. Clairvoyants have the ability to internalize incoming information that’s normally overlooked.

The difference between clairvoyants and other spiritual guides is that for them to translate the information they receive, logic is required. In order to make sense to their clients, they need to show images, words, and feelings. This, therefore, means that clairvoyants use both sensory and extra-sensory organs while servicing their clients.

Clairvoyants who are experienced are always in charge of their psychic senses; they can turn them on or off. Good clairvoyants are able to connect to an individual’s senses so that they are able to receive clear information.


Although Clairvoyants work and intuitive work are on the same level, they have different styles. In that, there is processing and translation of messages received by clairvoyants while there is no translation needed by intuitive. Clairvoyants’ insights can be controlled while intuitive insight cannot be controlled.

Quite a number of individuals encounter intuition all the time. It is like a backup system such that when clairvoyants’ senses fail, intuition can pick up from there.

Intuition frequently communicates to us in a well-known voice. It is our own thoughts, that’s why it feels and sounds like so. Just like our clairvoyant work, intuition connects us with the universe.

Intuition is all about personal issues. It speaks about what affects us personally.


For you to understand what empathy means, you need to understand well its counterpart sympathy. This means having the same feelings as the other person. If a person is sad when you need to be sad too.

Empathy, therefore, means that you are aware that something is happening but you don’t ride on it. Like, let’s say we have a friend who has lost a loved one. We mourn together with him but it’s not part of us, we are still able to be in our own space.

Through empathy, people are able to get healing. This is because of sharing heals. Many empaths are very psychic too. They are able to connect to their clients empathetically and use the clairvoyants’ ability to help them solve problems.

Mediums and Channels

They are capable of turning down their beliefs, rational mind to give way for intuitive messages to flow through them just like a telephone cable.

The fact that we have strong personal beliefs make channel work more complicated for us humans. Messages can be distorted if any of these comes up while channeling. It’s not easy to get clear and accurate messages if the messages tend to go from one telephone to another.

Quite a number of channels are both channels and mediums and excel both at the same time. This, therefore, takes us to…


Complete personalities are channeled by mediums and complete forces are not. Some mediums are comfortable working with spirits whom they have a long-lasting relationship with while others look for spirits depending on the clients they are working with.

You have to do research if you are looking forward to having a medium session. You need to know the medium very well and ensure you are comfortable being around them as well as the spirits working with them. Always think about this before selecting a medium if you want to benefit.