The Chi Imprint in Your Home

Chi Imprint in Your Home

If you have ever wondered if when people enter your home that they can cause your chi to be negative, the answer is yes.

Our chi allows us to feel good and when we have relationships that are in our home, we have to make sure that the chi is strong and that our spaces are healthy and positive.

You need to make sure that you take charge of your chi and that you make sure that your home is filled with harmony and peace. When people come to visit, their chi can leave an impact on your chi and it can affect you inside of your home.

A Quija board for example, will cause your home to have a negative chi. When you can learn the energies around you affect your chi, you will learn to take care of yourself and your home better.

One way that you can make sure that the energy in your home is peaceful and loving is to make sure that you are careful who you invite inside of your house. You will never be able to keep all negativity out of your home, but when you feel that your home is infected by negativity or bad spirits, you can smudge your home.

There are other ways you can protect your home such as using feng shui frogs or using crystals or stones around your home.

A home can look amazing and feel comfortable because of your furniture and the décor but inside, it can be full of negative chi. If you love your home and want it to look good, you need to also make sure that you get rid of the negative energy.

Make sure that you are thinking positively inside of your home and that you are taking care of what is yours.

Your home needs to be protected and you can make sure that your home is safe for you and your family. There is never a time where you want to be in a home where your chi is infected with negativity because it can cause you to feel negative and to have a hard time flourishing the way that you should.

Ways to Keep Your Home Positive and Healthy

Here are some ways that you can keep your home healthy and positive:

  • Smudging
  • Meditating
  • Using protection crystals and stones.
  • Using a meditation bowl.
  • Asking your guides to protect you.

These things along with other things can help to keep your home strong and healthy from negative feelings and energy.


Always be careful that you invite people inside of your home that will help to make your home healthy and peaceful.