What Happens When You’re Ungrounded?

Running out of energy

Grounding is a concept that is often known in the spiritual world or part of new age but if you are someone that is often stressed or unable to get things done, the more grounded that you become the more you can face things going on around you. Grounding is more than just a concept it is also a practice that you can do to help yourself heal.

Grounding is so important because it doesn’t just affect one part of your life, but it affects your life as a whole. It is often something that is missing in your life, but it should be something that you take seriously each day.

Understanding Grounding

Grounding doesn’t mean that you are walking on the ground. It means that you are able to connect with the energy between the earth and your body. When you aren’t connected to the earth, your energies can go everywhere, and this can leave you stressed and unproductive.

Grounding is an action that you can do to make sure that your energy is strong. Grounding is able to help you be present and able to connect with the physical part of your being and the earth.

Energy and Grounding

When you’re someone that is ungrounded, this can happen because of energy trauma. This is something that can happen to you such as losing a family member or witnessing a crime. Or it can be something like barely missing an accident or when you get mad at customer service for not helping you with something.

This means that there are many things that can make you feel ungrounded and scattered. Energy trauma can be surface, or it can be deep. It can trigger things in your life, and it can cause you to respond in a negative way. This is a defense mechanism that can cause you to disconnect from what you need with your own body and self.

Symptoms of Being Ungrounded

Being ungrounded comes with different symptoms because it affects the mind, body, and the soul. You might feel dizzy or feel that you aren’t able to concentrate. You might forget things or not be able to focus.  Here are some other symptoms of being ungrounded:

  • Drained.
  • Clumsy.
  • Running out of energy.
  • Feeling exhausted no matter how much you sleep.
  • Out of control emotions.
  • Forgetting things all the time.
  • Having no power.

Why Is Grounding Important

You need to make sure that you are grounded and that you are connected with the earth. This is a way that you can be protected.  If you have any of the symptoms above, make sure that you are grounding yourself so that you can be strong in your mind, body, and soul.