Why Old Souls are Sometimes Empaths

Why Old Souls are Sometimes Empaths

An empath is someone that feels the emotions of things and people around them. They have strong senses and the ability to feel the thoughts and feelings that those around them have.

Signs of an Empath

There are some signs of an empath including:

  • Being overwhelmed in public.
  • Being confused by people’s emotions.
  • Being an emotional sponge.
  • Not able to look at cruel images.
  • Feeling the pain of other people.
  • Being overly tired.
  • Needing to recharge often.

Empaths only make up around 5% of the world and even though they are highly sensitive and emotional, many of them are considered Old Souls or Highly Sensitive People.

An empath has a gift of understanding the emotions of other people. This is a psychic gifting and has different talents and abilities.

Empaths and Heyoka

A Native American term called Heyoka means “fool” and this is how they sometimes describe an empath. This is a Native American meaning that would define the way that an empath reacts compared to other people.

Old Souls

Everyone has some kind of empathy and sometimes have a hard time deciding their feelings against someone else’s.

When you are a Highly Sensitive person, you have to deal with physical sensitivities because your brain makes things overly sensitive. There are stimuli that deals with emotions and sometimes these people have to watch what kind of environments they go to because of the changes they go through. The thing is, not all Highly Sensitive People are empaths.

An Old Soul is different too, they are sensitive but not on their body but in their spiritual realm. They are int tune with the spiritual world and the energy around them.

This means that they are able to understand the energy because they have been born over and over and have possessed creation for a long time. Their energy becomes part of their conscious being.

When we have an ego and we think of I all of the time, we are not able to use our unconscious mind to care of others. But as we experience life and our own emotions, we learn to understand the emotions of others around us.

This is found someone in the frontal lobe of the brain where it is responsible for Echopraxia which allows you to understand experiences. When an empath is activated in this, their environment can cause them to be conclusive about what they see.

Emotional Center

When you are an empath you are important. You have to learn to ground your own emotions so that you do not suffer. You need to center yourself instead of mastering your emotions.

Once you learn to control your emotions, you will see that you are not as burdened by the emotions of others. You will understand them, but you will be able to act without overly being emotions.


When you feel emotions, you have to figure out where they are coming from. Are they your own emotions or someone else’s? Try to analyze where they came from.


The energies that you absorb will come from your experiences. When you focus on the action that you take, it makes you to be more in tune with the emotions instead of putting the attention on other things. Learn to ground yourself and focus on what you are feeling and keep your third eye open.


Once you learn to ground yourself, you might have to begin to distance yourself. Put an energy bubble around you and if you are overwhelmed, go to a different room. Put distance between you and the person that is emotional. This will allow you to be able to determine where the energy is coming from and why.


Learning to be in control of your emotions is important, especially if you are an empath. Practice doing this so that you can stay strong and in tune with the spirit world.