Death Dreams and Premonitions

Death Dreams and Premonitions

Premonition and dreams are something that many people have. Having a dream can be something that can be either real or a fantasy.

A dream is like a metaphor, and it can tell you what you see going on in your life or it can mean change or something happening that is important that you need to pay attention to.

Having a dream is a way that can help you to start over or make changes that you need to do so that your life can be better.

Death Premonition

Predictive dreams of dying can be something that you do because of something going on in your life. If you have a psychic, they can tell you what your dream means, or they can pull a tarot card and tell you what it means when you pull the Death card.

A psychic can tell you when someone that you love is going to die or you can even feel this yourself if you are sensitive to the spirit world.

Most of the time, someone will have dreams of death because they are watching things on television about death such as scary movies.

The brain is not able to know the difference between what you are watching and imagining and what is real.

Sometimes when people interpret the tarot cards, they take the Death card and say it is real and literal death when this really can mean the death of something or a change that is needed.

Dreams do not always mean death and they can mean that life is about to make a huge shift.

Examples of Death Dreams

  • Dreaming of death can mean that someone is going to die, or it can mean that you will experience something changing.
  • Some people dream of death such as the death spirit, but it doesn’t mean that they are going to die, and it can predict sickness.
  • Dreaming of death can mean that someone that you are close to is going to die or that someone that you love is sick.
  • If you are young and you are dreaming about death or you have a death vision, it can prepare you for something that is about to happen, or it can help you to save someone that is in trouble.
  • Some kids will dream of someone dying and this can mean that someone in their school or their family is sick.
  • People often dream of a bus, or someone killed by a car, and this can mean that someone is going away or moving far away.
  • Some people can look at pictures and know when someone is going to die because they sense it.


Dreaming of death can mean that you are going to experience changes and that you are going through things that are hard in your life. Pay attention to what your dreams mean and know that not all death dreams mean a literal death.