Empath and Emotions

Empath and Emotions

If you are an empath, you can tell because you will always be picking up the feelings and the moods of the people around you. You might find that you leave an area feeling sad or drained and it might be hard for you to be around violent things or to watch the news. If you have the energies around you filling you, this can be a huge sign that you are an empath.

There is nothing wrong with being an empath, it can just be hard on you and impact your mental health. There are different things that you can do to help yourself if you find that you are experiencing strong emotions.


When you are an empath you can feel the feelings of others and you can connect with people on a level that others cannot connect on. When you can understand these feelings you will see that when you are around people that are happy that you can be happy and when you are around people that are sad or depressed that you will feel equally unpleasant.


Being sensitive to the energy of others is hard if you do not understand your feelings. You have to understand that sometimes an empaths feelings belong to others and when you experience this you have to be able to know the difference between their feelings and your own feelings. It is important to know what feelings yours are and what feelings are someone else’s.


If you pick up the feelings of others around you then you need to ground yourself. Notice the textures of things you touch and take deep breathes to cleanse yourself. Focus on what you are feeling and learn to be mindful of the energies and different feelings around you. Learn to meditate and be present so that you can know when the negative feelings belong to others.


Always be aware of your feelings and when you are alone with yourself, allow yourself to deal with your feelings. Figure out what makes you feel negative and notice your triggers and how they control your moods. It becomes easier to tell the emotions of others from your own the more that you learn to understand your feelings.

Glass Wall

There are different things that you can do in order to make sure that the feelings that you are feeling from others and your own feelings are separate. You can put a glass wall between you and their feelings and make sure that the emotions go back to them instead of you. Even though you may have a hard time noticing their energy, you do not have to let it come to you from the wall.


Once you learn to pick up the feelings of others and you learn to understand how this affects you, you can understand what you are going through. This might make you curious as to what the person is going through and how you can help them. When you pick up a bad mood, ask them what they are going through and figure out what they are experiencing in their life.

Find out what the person is doing to feel better and by showing them that you know what they are feeling can help you to feel closer to them and show them that they are not alone.


Being an empath means that you have to put up boundaries in your life. You want to be able to care about the emotions of others but at the same time, you will never be strong enough to hold on to the negative feelings of others.

Some people and situations will leave you feeling ill and tired and if you keep exposing yourself to them then you will not be able to care for yourself. Set up boundaries so that you are not exposed constantly to negativity.


When you incorporate all of these tips, you will understand that there will be times when you will absorb the feelings of others and you have to come to the point where you visualize techniques that work for you to keep you from feeling overwhelmed.

Doing this can allow you to understand what you are feeling and know the difference between what others are feeling and what is coming to you.

Being an empath is a gift that allows you to connect with other people and to help people in this universe. There has to be boundaries so that the negative energies that you are absorbing will not get you down. This means you can be compassionate but at the same time you can use your energy to help others heal.