Left Over Energies

Left Over Energies

Most people have heard the term residual energy, and this is something that most psychic people are familiar with. This is a saying that is sued to describe energies that are left over in certain objects or in animals when a person has had these things in the past.

Energy is in all objects and people and so when there is energy in an object, it is because the source of the energy is there. Energy comes in the form of people, emotions, angels, plants and more.

There are objects that have energy that are around you in everyday life. Some of these things are the places that we live, the workplaces that we go to, our clothing, our friends, animals and more. This energy can be with people that are alive or those that have already passed away. This kind of energy can be wherever you currently are.

One interesting thing about this energy is that it can build up and when time goes on, this energy can be built up in an area and when an area or object is visited, it can cause you to want to know more about it and to interact with it.

This energy can also build up in your life. It can build up in your body and in your mind and some people have a hard time handling or understanding this information.

We have thoughts that have energy but sometimes we do not know or understand how this energy can be. There are some people that can hear their loved one when they are miles away or they can be sensitive to those that are in their life such as their children and be able to listen for them even towns away.

When people are alive, their energy is everywhere they are. They will not lose this energy and when it starts to go away, it just rebuilds.

When a psychic does a reading, the people that are able to hear from their loved one that has passed away is hearing form the energy that they are giving. Those that are sensitive to these energies can pick up on them fast.

Energy is something that is connected through life or emotions. Some places have strong energy and the energy is hard for someone that is an empath because it can be very strong.

Even mediums and psychics can get information from residual energy and this can be helpful when a reading is done. This kind of energy can be recorded by spiritual workers and it can be recorded because the atoms are constantly moving and are in the air. This energy can be positive or negative and when you come to a place where the energy is, the leftover energy sometimes is stored in pets or objects.

This energy is comforting to people and is not negative. Residual energy is there for people to feel when they are grieving, and they miss their loved one. This energy can bring comfort and healing to someone. This can even come in the form of visitations or signs from the loved one.

When a loved one is moving to the other side, the energy that they have will change and the energy that they leave behind might not ever leave. There might be times where you even feel like you hear the loved one still in your home and that is their residual energies.

If the death of the loved one was sad, you might feel the sad residual energies because the energy is alive. If you are sensitive to this energy, you will be able to hear it or even see it. As time goes by, the energy will keep changing and energy has its own layers.

Energy can come in the form of fear and anger or other kinds of emotions such as joy and peace. If you feel that you need to clear this energy or energy in a home, you can do this with sage, light and even incense. This can help you to get rid of this energy that you are sensitive to.

Energy is everywhere that you go, and it is always spinning around you. Take time to soak in this energy and if it becomes too much, remember that you can always clear it.