What Should I Ask During a Psychic Reading?

What Should I Ask During a Psychic Reading?

Prior to any psychic consultation you must find the time to understand the intention for a reading.  Select your most pressing question(s) and try to identify what you hope your psychic can help you solve.  Intuitives have an array of asking and receiving messages, so also consider if there is a particular way you want your psychic to work with the spirit world.  Conduct online research to help you find a reputable psychic who best meets your needs.

Questions are best asked in an open manner rather than as a yes or no style.  It is understandable that you want a definitive answer to your question, but yes or no posed questions often compound into more questions and may leave the client feeling unsatisfied with the experience.  Instead, enter a session with minimal expectations for any answer and frame questions in a way that can facilitate dialogue.  Provide the reader with as much information as you feel comfortable sharing so the answers can be more detailed and meaningful for you.

Other types of questions to avoid involve “Should I” or “Who, When, Where and Why” components.  “Should” questions have baggage similar to yes/no ones, and often place undue judgement or burdens on yourself.  The universe wants you to be kind and loving to yourself and receptive to any possibility.  “Who, When and Where” style questions can back you and your reader into a corner.  Although you might think these answers will save you heartache, what happens if something unforeseen occurs?  Take for example the follow scenario.  You learned that you would meet your next partner, when you bumped into them at the local coffee shop while they were reading a Harry Potter book on the 15th of September.  Now what would happen to you if you woke up on the 15th of September with the flu and couldn’t leave the house.  You might experience more frustration and a renewed sense that you were “destined” to be alone.  Likewise, on the 15th of September a healthy you, could visit every local coffeehouse in the area trying to figure out who was reading a Harry Potter book and if they were your soulmate.  In your quest to find the hottie reading the Goblet of Fire, you may have missed the intelligent introvert reading a book by Henry or Harriet Potter.  In every reading the goal is to preserve the freewill of the client, and any one else mentioned in the message.

By concentrating on asking open-ended questions you can become more receptive to unexpected possibilities, break out of your comfort zone and experience shifts in your perspective.  Aspect to include in your questions should be “What, How, and Why.  These components amplify your grow and healing process by helping you identify areas in your life that might require additional attention.  They force us to look at our current situation and might help to shine light on ways we can improve our behaviors, habits and perspective.  Consider the power of “WHAT does these recurring dreams about my deceased father mean?” or “HOW I am I blocking myself from getting the job of my dreams?” or even I’ve always dreamed of being a mother, but WHY can’t I carry a child to term?”

When having a psychic reading, you must always maintain openness of mind and spirit.  It is never helpful for either you or the reader to sit down with unrealistic expectations.  Never assume you know what the message will tell you, otherwise it isn’t worth your time or money to have the reading.  Phrase your questions in way to help facilitate both grow and freewill.  If you want to know why keep fighting with your spouse consider asking what you are both are struggling with communication.  The goal for any session is for you to live more enlightened and empowered both within yourself and with other beings you encounter.