Introduction to Symbols of Tree Life

Introduction to Symbols of Tree Life

Paintings, sculptures, and pieces of jewelry which are an indication of various religious and cultural histories are a representation of varying Tree of Life Symbols.

The overarching themes behind the various different Tree of Life Symbols amazingly are still the same between many cultures. Many variations in both artistic representation and underlying meanings are displayed by the incompatible cultures and religions, however, as we continue to explore further we tend to encounter more similarities than differences.

Tree of life is a link to all things. This is according to a commonly shared motif. You can picture the image for a moment for it to make sense. The link between the roots and soil which ends up displaying a connection to the Earth and branches which acknowledges the sun once they reach the sky. These variations in the display will, however, affect the underlying or implicit meanings depending on your sphere of influence.

Quite a number of religions like Buddhism, Islam, Baha’i Faith, Christianity, Judaism, the Tree of Life is represented.

Various references to the Tree of Life can be found especially if a person is studying or currently following any religions or philosophies. The best option is to think about the most important things that make this planet a better place to live in. the fact that we cannot survive without trees is the reason as to why a lot of importance is placed unto them by a number of religions.