Keep Your Energy Circle Small

Keep Your Energy Circle Small

There are some people that come around us that are angry or always seem down in life. When they come around you though, did you know that it can make you feel the same way? You can tell what kind of person that you are around by the way that they talk to others, treat them and how they act.

Rather you have a relative, a co-worker or a friend that acts like this, you might wander what you can do about it. How can you handle someone with this kind of personality when you feel that you are always dealing with their mood swings?

You might find that people that act like this are not happy people and when someone isn’t happy, they will take it out on other people. It is important that you learn to keep your cool and that you don’t argue with them or fall into the emotional trap that they are in. If they choose to argue with you, make sure that you don’t respond and that you just walk away.

Engaging with Toxic People

It can be hard when you are always surrounded by people that have negative energies. This can lead to toxic relationships. These kinds of people can make you feel down and even make you feel bad about who you are. This happens because they have low vibrations and when they get around you, it makes your vibrations get low as well.

Don’t allow people that are like this to get your emotions out of whack or make you feel that you are wrong. Don’t let them get under your skin and don’t give into their negative emotions.

Spiritually Disconnected

People that have low vibrations are probably not connected to their higher spiritual self. This can be a spiritual disconnect that they are dealing with. This can mean that they have emotions that are from trauma or from childhood situations that they never faced. When they have to deal with these emotions, it causes them to take them out on others because they don’t know how.

Make Your Space Peaceful

You have to make sure that you have a peaceful place and that you set boundaries around these kinds of people. Even if you are kind, caring and compassionate, you don’t have to get in the middle of the emotional baggage that others have. You need to make sure that you keep your spiritual self-strong and that you keep your power.

Know Your Energies

It is important to make sure that you are careful on what you say and that you are mindful of how you respond to other people. Pay attention to your energy and your auric field. When you are around people that are putting you down or that want to argue or fight, the feelings are not from a good place, and they do not bring light to your life.

Understanding Your Company

It is important to understand the company that you are around. If they are not kind to you or if they are mistreating you, you need to walk away. You deserve to have peace and to be happy in your life and you will not have this if you allow people to take away your good energy. Make sure that you have inner peace and that you don’t’ let others get your emotions down.

Notice how people treat you and how they speak to you. Once you realize that you don’t want to deal with the negativity anymore, walk away.