Using Chakras and Being in a Committed Relationship

Using Chakras and Being in a Committed Relationship

Being in a relationship can be amazing and can be more than physical to the point of being a spiritual connection.  We have partners in our life that help us to be more than we could be on our own and they mirror us and show us the beauty in ourselves.  Not only that, they also help us to know our fears, insecurities and even our hidden pain.

Whatever we are reflecting in our life, our relationships help to communicate these things to us on higher levels.

In each and every relationship that we have, something dies inside of us and then there are other things that are reborn.  We die to our selves and we die to the idea of being alone.  We have our ideas of growth reborn into us and they help us to approach each relationship on a different level that goes beyond the physical and mental relationship.  We learn to connect to each other in a powerful way.

When we make a commitment to our partner, we learn to raise our energy levels and we learn to rely on them to help keep us together and to live our lives together on the same plane.

We can look at our chakras and see how these seven levels help us to be in committed relationships. These chakras give us energies that can spin in a clockwise direction and can float above our bodies, from the top of our heads to the souls of our feet.

The first five chakras from the root chakra to the throat chakras are given power by the earth and the sixth and seven chakras are given power by the sky and therefore are called the sky chakras.


When we work together with our chakras and our partners, we are able to see where the energy comes from and this will help us to be more committed to each other.  We must learn to align our energies with our chakras to make our relationships meaningful.

1st Chakra

The first chakra is the foundation of our energy.  This chakra can help to meet our needs and can help us to survive.  We use this chakra to reveal who we are and what we are feeling inside.  This chakra allows us to feel safe and secure.

The first chakra gives us a level of understanding and is a foundational chakra to help us to grow.

2nd Chakra

The second chakra is the chakra that supports us when we are growing.  This allows us to accept people for who they are and to see the good in people.  We are able to use this chakra to embrace our partner in all of their quirks and all of their goodness.  We can use this chakra to push away our imperfections and to connect physically with each other.

The Core Chakra

With the third chakra, we are able to express ourselves and to say what we are feeling.  This will help us to be supportive and understanding.  The third chakra helps us to support each other.

Heart Chakra

The fourth chakra or the heart chakra helps us to love our partner without limits.  It brings us happiness and love, and this is unconditional love.  We believe that nothing can take this away if it is rooted in the heart chakra.

5th Chakra

The fifth chakra allows us to be unique and different.  It allows us to be able to express ourselves and who we are.  This chakra allows us to share what opinions we have, even if they are different than our partners and to listen and talk and to care deeply for one another.  This chakra allows us to love deeply and to be courageous in love.

The Third Eye Chakra

The sixth chakra or the Third Eye Chakra allows us to see if our journey aligns with our partners journey.  It allows us to plan our future together and to support each other’s visions and goals.

7th Chakra

The seventh chakra or the crown chakra helps us to have a spiritual commitment with our partner.  It allows us to show our support and to journey together even if our paths are different.


Our chakras allow us to have a physical and spiritual connection. This connection can include love, sex and conversation.  When these chakras unite, they bring about fundamental values that help us to honor and respect one another and to express what we are feeling.

These chakras allow us to choose to be married and to have unconditional love for each other.

Our chakras must be aligned in order for the relationship to be able to last.  There has to be a commitment in each of the seven chakras in order for all of them to be in harmony with one another.  If the chakras are unbalanced and there is not commitment to one or more of them, the relationship will be built on negativity and will be unfulfilling.

If you want to have a strong partner and one that lasts, you have to figure out if your chakras bring balance and harmony to your relationship.

Perfect Partner

People are always looking for the perfect partner.  They want to find a match that is given from the universe and they want to be with someone where the happiness does not just end.

Instead of following a pattern and finding out of the chakras are committed, people begin chasing others and they use their own lifestyle to try to make the relationship work.  This will not work if the energy of the universe do not align with the relationship.  We can only enter into deeper love when the energies lien up.