Developing Your Healing Practices

Developing Your Healing Practices

Everyone is looking for peace in their life and regardless of what religion you choose to practice, there are steps that you can work at to find peace.

Know Your Creator

The first thing is to know who your creator is. Remember we are small compared to our creator so always be humble and kind.

Make the World Better

Show love into the world and fill the world with kindness. Do things to make yourself more lovable and easier to get along with.

Reflect and Contemplate

Spend time each day contemplating on making your life better. Figure out what you can do to become strong and to pay attention to your inner being.

Pray and meditate and take time to read each day to become stronger.

Accept Others

Learn to accept people for who they are and accepting people makes you more kind.


Forgive people that you have not forgiven and even learn to forgive yourself. You cannot hold onto grudges and negative things to have peace.


We all make mistakes. We have to admit our mistakes and forgive ourselves for the shortcomings that we have.


There is goodness in other people, and we must find the goodness in them. Learn to behave better and to look for the best things that you can find in others.

Positive Thinking

Change your thinking to positive thinking. Find what you love and reflect on those thoughts. Learn to be powerful and to get rid of negative feelings and thoughts.

Bless Others

Pray that others will be blessed, and that life will be good for everyone.


Interact with yourself and with those around you and do what you can to show the love that you have inside to those around you.