8 Ways to Know You Have a Spirit World Message

8 Ways to Know You Have a Spirit World Message

Many people want a sign or message from God, their guardian angel, or spirit guide regarding important decisions in their lives. It is nice to know if you are on the right track. Well, you may be getting those messages and are missing them!

Messages from the spiritual realm may not be as obvious as a trumpet from a mountaintop. You must be aware of spiritual things to discern when you are getting a message. However, some earthly things can be used for spiritual messages.

Below are eight ways you are receiving messages from someone guiding you from beyond.

  1. Messages can come in words.

Many times, you will come across a quote or a word that answers your concerns. Many find this happens when they read the Bible. Messages can also come in the form of poetry, a newspaper article, or even an old letter found after being tucked away for years. You will instantly know this was meant for you at this time when you read it.

  1. You may come across white feathers.

This may seem nonsensical because there are white features in things like pillows or comforters. However, it could be a message from your spirit guide, your angel, or God if you see white features in unusual places. This is often called the “calling card” of your spirit guide. When you get one of these messages, be aware you are not alone, and have guidance.

  1. Coins appear randomly.

It may be funny in today’s coin shortage to talk of money as being a way to send you a spiritual message, but it can be used. This is especially true if you find coins in unusual places. You may find one in the dirt or even in the refrigerator!

Coins could remind you of people in your past or bring you comfort. For instance, there was a man who always stated he would bend over to pick up a penny. One day after his death, his son was upset about some bills coming due and he looks over and there is a variety of coins laying on the floor underneath the kitchen table. He knew his father was looking after him.

  1. Familiar smells surround you.

Smells can bring back memories as well as any of our senses. Sometimes, spiritual beings will use smells to comfort us. You can be distressed and suddenly smell the scent of your mom’s perfume or grandmother’s cookies and feel better. It is then you can trust in a higher power beyond yourself, let go and make a decision.

  1. You have different dreams.

Dreams are one of the most prevalent ways of receiving messages. You are more willing to unite with the spiritual realm during deep sleep, making it easier to talk to you through your dreams. To seek answers from your dreams, keep a pen and a notebook next to your bed. Write down your dreams immediately when you wake from them. This is important because you won’t remember many of them after you fully awaken. You will see a pattern in them.

  1. Orbs can show up.

Many people get excited over these little balls of light that show up in pictures but you must be careful when looking at what you believe to be orbs. Sometimes, dust or other particles can show up as orbs in pictures. Real orbs don’t move naturally but move sideways, up and down. They also can have shapes within shapes and can be in a variety of colors. You likely will only see them when using a camera or video. When you see an orb, your spiritual guide wants you to know that things are working out the way they are meant to work out.

  1. Music affects you differently.

Music is a key component of heaven, so it is naturally a good way to send messages to us. Music touches the heart fast and lyrics can mean a lot to someone with a need. It also has its energy because it contains the highest frequency of this earthly realm. Songs can stir emotions, dreams, and bring comfort. Understand your angel is comforting you when you hear a song that touches your heart or meets your immediate need.

  1. You are touched by an angel.

Yes, spiritual beings can touch you, although this is pretty rare. There are times when you may feel something like a light touch or a feather rubbed across your arm. This isn’t something to be afraid of. Instead, believe in the moment and notice all incidents.

You can connect with your guardian angel, spirit guide, or even God through meditation, fasting, and prayer. You can ask for guidance and messages if you are making a decision. Remember angels and spirit guides don’t want to be worshipped. They simply want to be there as a servant to help you in your times of need.