Signs You are Clairsentient

Signs You are Clairsentient

Do you have a lot of people in your family come to you when they have a question about motives or about feelings?  Have you ever wondered if you were clairsentient?  There are some signs that can show if you are clairsentient and what your abilities are.

Clairsentient means that you have a “clear feeling” which means that you have the gift to feel things in the present and the past and that your physical and emotional states work together without the five senses of hearing, tastes, vision and smell.

People who have this gift can get information from houses and outside areas that are invisible.  Clairsentience is often associated with a sense of intuition.  People who have these experiences have different influences and sense energies differently.

If you are clairsentient then you can experience inner and outer energy in different ways.  These energies are there even when people aren’t there, and they can help you to perceive things and predict the future.

Clairsentient Versus Empath

A person that is clairsentient is one that goes beyond the level of feeling emotions and they are able to use their energies across different planes.

A person that is an empath is someone that has emotions and can sense emotions and energies of other people, objects and animals.  The empath and clairsentient person are similar.

If an empath can share their feelings and the feelings of someone sitting by them then a clairsentient can have the abilities to tell about someone else’s thoughts and emotions and they can sense when someone is by them and watching them.

If there are different spirits that are present, then clairsentient people can pick up the feelings of the spirit and detect the energy even when it is from someone not there.

Signs of Being Clairsentient

If you have ever experienced feelings that are hard to explain or if you have had a strong energy around you then there might be proof that you are clairsentient.  Here are some signs that can tell if you have psychic abilities.


If you sense energy in a room when you are walking around, then chances are that you are aware of what is happening.  This is energy left over in the room.

Difficulty with Crowds

People that are Clairsentient have more energy and can feel other people’s energies stronger than some other people can.  This can drain them of their energy and cause them to not want to engage for long periods of time.

Dealing with crowds can be hard because you have to fight with the emotions and the feelings that they have. A clairsentient can feel when they are in a crowd and it can be overpowering to them.

Feelings About People

If people come to you for advice and if you sense what other people are feeling and what motives they have then you could be clairsentient.  You might see that you are a person that knows what someone is doing or feeling, and you might be attracted to people or turned away from them or feel that they are fraud.


Sometimes you might have a place around you that is cluttered or a place where you cannot work well.  This could mean that you have too much energy and that you think about things too much.

Movies Make You Cry

One of the reasons that people make movies is so that you can feel the different feelings and experiences.  A person that is clairsentient might experience more than situations that they see, they might find the movie so intense that it affects their emotions.

If you have this gift, then you will have more feelings and emotions by the main characters.  You will be able to feel what they are feeling, and this can drain you from your energy.

Pick Up on Spirits

Do you feel that you aren’t alone and that you are being watched?  Do you feel stronger about this in haunted areas?  Sometimes you might be picking up on the spirits because of their energy.

This might scare you and this is nothing to be afraid of.  Spirits will normally come with love and guidance to help you.

People Find You Too Emotional

Do you get people that tell you that you are overly sensitive?  Do they say you are empathic and that you have too many feelings?  This is a strong sign of being clairsentient.

Feel Pain

Have you ever had someone you love in pain and you can actually feel like you are the one that is experiencing it?  You can feel this and sometimes the mental energy and pain that other people let off.

If you experience these things, you need to protect yourself by not working around people that are in pain such as hospitals or doctor offices.


Do you feel that you are moody and that your moods are always changing?  This might make being a clairsentient known.  If you are feeling calm and relaxed before you go someplace and once you get there you are tired, this means you have picked up energy around you.

Can’t Watch the News

Do you feel that it is hard to read the newspaper and to watch the news?  Sometimes this is hard because you pick up pain of people and the things that have impacted them.

Bad Day

Are you able to tell when someone has had a bad day and when they are smiling you can tell everything will be okay?  This can be a sign you are clairsentient.  When you have this gift, you can share people’s feelings and tell someone what they are thinking or what emotions they are having.  You are great at detecting emotions.

Temperature Changes

Have you ever felt the temperature change when you enter into a room?  Or, do you feel that there is energy in one certain place?  As a clairsentient, you can detect the energy around you, even if no one is around you.  This can be a cool breeze or a chill bump.


Sometimes a person that is clairsentience is looked at like they have a mental illness.  If they go for professional advice, this can be seen as a mental issue even though that isn’t true.

You might want to consider what is going on in your mind and why you are sensitive to what is going on around you.  If you can harness the gift and be able to feel and understand what someone is going through, then you can end up helping people. Here are some ways you can cope with being clairsentient:

  • Talk to other people that are clairsentient.
  • Embrace the feelings you have.
  • Be happy for your gifts.
  • Don’t be afraid of your emotions.
  • Journal what you feel.
  • Always meditate.
  • Get energy of others.
  • Do healing sessions.
  • Channel your clairsentience into what you like to do.

Know that all of the gifts that you have are different than what other people have and feel.  It is a good idea to talk to other people that are clairsentients so that you can understand what they are experiencing as well.