Mediums: Real or Not?

psychic Mediums: Real or Not?

Many times when people hear the word medium, they think of a crystal ball, tarot cards, and Ouija boards. This is not wholly accurate as mediums are real people who have been here in some form immemorial. Various cultures have beliefs that some can talk to spirits and communicate with the dead. These people are called mediums. Even some literature speaks of spirit communication. Books like the Bible, Shakespearean plays, and mythology make reference.

Mediums Speaking to Spirits

In the Victorian period, it was thought to be fashionable to have seances. During the sessions, three legged tables, candles, and even Ouija boards were used to try and make contact. This was simply the style, not the ability. While there are mediums who fake being able to speak to the dead, these are often quickly exposed as frauds. These are people who prey on the weak and vulnerable to convince them spirit messages are real.

The earlier mediums who could establish a real contact with the spirits could allow their hand to be guided and write pages on end of messages from the spirit. Today, the spirits seem to only communicate through a series of games and answers that are ambiguous or otherwise unclear. If spirit communications really existed, then it would be much easier to solve crimes by asking the dead. To put this plainly, mediums do not speak directly to the dead, they bridge the gap between the dead and living. When souls move on to the next plane and into spiritual existence, they can send messages to those people who are sensitive enough to receive.

A spiritual medium is said to be born with these powers and abilities to communicate with the spirits. This person serves as an interpreter through which the spirits send messages. So mediumship is defined as a process of communication that takes place between the medium on the physical plane and the discarnate that is in the spiritual realm. Physical mediumship is not highly popular today, but can include things like levitations, materializations, ectoplasm, and direct voices. More common is mental mediumship that occurs in the mind of the medium. It is most often called clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience. When you utilize a medium, you can expect a message from those loved ones who have passed on. While you may wish to connect with a specific person, this is not always possible. However, a spirit that can come through will allow you to get the answers you most desire.

If searching for a medium, make sure to look for those with strong, detailed reviews. They should not ask for a great deal of information ahead of time and answers should be clear. Though you may not understand the answers at that moment, they should soon start to make sense as part of your life. Remember to do your homework before choosing a medium so you do not end up with someone just trying to make money. If you find the real thing, the results can be life changing.