Alternatives to Meditation

Alternatives to Meditation

Some people find meditation to be difficult because it can be tough to quiet your mind. Meditation requires a great deal of mental preparation and practice to truly understand. Sometimes this does not happen, you fall asleep instead of feeling calm or connected. This article will offer alternatives when meditation is simply not doing what you need. Shared below are alternatives that will help you release tension, de-stress, and create a clearer headspace. We can all use a bit more tranquility in life and these forms of self-care will help you get through this chaotic time in life.

Write It Out

Writing is an excellent way to clear the clutter of the mind. Whether you prefer journaling, poetry, or short stories to get things organized in your thoughts, the benefits are truly endless. This allows you to slow your thoughts enough to analyze what is happening and write or type it out. It also allows you to articulate clearly or in the least, expand your vocabulary as you try to make a point. If you feel like your writing is making a point that should be shared, you may even try an open mic night or sharing online.


Yoga is a highly viable alternative to meditation. Yoga has been around for thousands of years and helps keep the mind from wandering. The best news is if you are not ready to take a class, there are many YouTube videos online to try Yoga at home. It consists of deep breathing that occurs with specific body movement that strengthen and even lengthen muscles. The health and mental benefits are numerous whether you are a beginner or expert. According to the first accounts of yoga, this physical and mental connection have always been important.

Conscious Breathing

One of the first steps or keys to meditation is focus on breathing. This is also the basis for conscious breathing. While breathing is something we all do without any thought, paying attention to the sound and whether it is slow, fast, deep or even shallow can help us gain control. When we are upset or overwhelmed, it is typically fast and shallow so if we can focus on taking deep breathes and how it feels to slowly take them in, feel our lungs filling, our body relaxes. As you practice this, if it works, try exploring breathwork further. This is a form of meditation that focuses on deep breathing.


Music has a wonderful place in our lives. Certain types of music can affect our moods and emotions. Both listening and singing to music can bring on the feelings we desire. Chanting is a big part of meditation because of the intonations. Meditation music, played while you sleep is an easy alternative that can leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Additionally, singing or playing an instrument during your waking hours can calm the nerves and clear the mind. The idea is to release tension through singing as loud as possible with something soothing or energize yourself with something upbeat.

Spend Time Outside

Spending time in nature is a wonderful alternative to meditation. Beauty can be found everywhere outdoors by simply observing the sky, scenery, water, or mountains. Go for a walk or a swim or just lie in the grass and watch the clouds sweep by. This is calming and can be uplifting for your spirit. This is highly restorative when done with regularity.


Aromatherapy has become popular in recent years and can be done in many ways. Whether you prefer a warm bath with scented Epson salts, using a diffuser with oils, or burning candles, it can have a relaxing effect. To relax, try a bath with a few drops of lavender oil, 5-10 should do, or for an energy boost try lemon or orange oil in a diffuser. Keeping these scents going in your home, changing them so they are still noticeable, can be helpful and create a relaxing space. For stronger scents, burning candles can be helpful. Rosemary scented candles can help increase focus while also easing stress and reducing aches and pains.

Finding Your Calm

Whether typical meditation or one of the activities above, finding clarity brings peace to your soul and can improve health. You may find that after trying a few of the alternatives, meditation is easier. No matter what you choose, do it for yourself and your physical and mental well-being.