Good Vibrational Energy

Good Vibrational Energy

Vibrational energy is associated to your spirit and there are ways that you can connect your spirit with your mind and have a healthy life. Everything is full of energy and when you learn to focus on the energy and you align it to each person, you will find that everyone has a different frequency that their energy vibrates on.

Vibrational energy is an energy that is strong, and this is a good energy for you. This is a pure energy and can come from the universe or from other things. This is there to help you when you are negative and feeling lost or fearful.

You can raise your vibrational energy when you learn to be aware of your emotions and you learn to get rid of things such as jealousy and fear and replace it with thankfulness and peace.

What can you do to change your energy? Here are some ways to do this:

Tips for Raising Your Vibrational Energy

You can start by smudging your home. This is a way that you can get rid of negative energies around you. Use sage or yerba and go through your house and let the smoke enter the doors and the drawers and replace all the negative energy with positive.

Be Real

You have to be honest about who you are and what you want in your life. When you do this, you can move forward and see where things are negative. Learn to be honest with yourself.

Be Clear

Figure out what you want in your life and have an open heart and mind. Imagine what you want and figure out what is holding you back.


Take time each day to figure out what you want and what you are doing. Read a tarot card or meditate. Do whatever makes you feel good and start your energy out right.


Take time each day to write down what you want in your life. Figure out what you have and include things that you are feeling so that you can raise your vibes.


Be creative. Do you love to dance or paint? Take time to do this and give yourself permission to have fun. Encourage yourself and let the fear go.


Show yourself love and cater to yourself. Stop talking negatively about yourself and who you are. Even if you have to fake it, say nice things to yourself.


Get rid of toxins out of your body. Do this and you can cleanse yourself and raise your vibrational energy. Some things you put in your body are damaging, lessen these things.

Higher Power

Choose a higher power to call on. Do this and talk to them and let it ground you.


Learn to know when you are having emotions that aren’t yours. Allow yourself to see your feelings and to know when they are coming but if they are coming from somewhere else, know that they are not yours.

Take a Break

Even though we are always busy, take time to breathe and to relax. This will help you to reset and will raise your vibrations. Meditate or take a walk. Do whatever it takes to have a break.


No matter what you are doing, you have to care for yourself. Self-care can raise your vibrations. You can do this by exercising, going for a walk, using Reiki healing, practicing yoga or meditating. Do whatever gives you joy and lets you feel at peace in your life.