The Telepathic Tie between Lovers Is Real

The Telepathic Tie between Lovers Is Real

Two people in love, if they are together for a long time, will find they start doing things at the same time. They may pick up a glass of water at the same time, or have the same thought they speak at exactly the same time. They seem united in mind, body and soul.

This is scientifically proven. Scientists don’t know exactly why, but the hearts of two people in true love synchronise. Their hearts have the exact same beat and time!

There are also stories of those who have been in love for 50 or more years that die within minutes of each other. They are completely in sync, even in death.

While a lot of scientific research deals with people’s physical bodies, the synchronization can also happen with the mind. This is where telepathic communication gets interesting!

There are several ways those who are in love communicate desires, pain or feelings without speaking a word. Here are five signs of those ways:

  1. Some couples know instinctively what their loved one is feeling without either saying anything. This is a common form of this type of connection. It is also telepathy that goes unnoticed by most people, even though it is probably the most important thing.
  2. Feeling danger. Some people just know when something is going on with their partner. Experts say when there is danger, we not only feel it in their body but send signals to their partner that they are experiencing danger. This has been a common trait of those whose spouses are in law enforcement, firefighters or in the military. Many people brush off these negative feelings and an anxious imagination, but you really shouldn’t. It could be a warning indicating you need to reach out to your partner.

In some cases, partners can sense danger coming before their partner. They may tell their partner to be careful driving that day and later find out their loved one was in an accident. The accident could have been worse except the driver heeded the words of their partner and slowed down.

  1. A couple having the exact same thought at the same time is one strong evidence of telepathic connection.

This can happen virtually anywhere and can be humorous sometimes, depending on who says what first. A couple may meet someone that reminds them of a celebrity. As they walk away, they both state their thoughts and the idea of having the exact same thought makes them giggle. Having this form of telepathic communication can enhance your relationship.

  1. When either has knowledge of a partner’s experiences without being told. This is one characteristic of telepathic communication that can be the most intimate. Having an understanding of an untold experience makes your partner feel open and understood. It helps them too because they may not feel comfortable talking about the experience, but desperately need to share it.
  2. Couples having the same dream or dreams that are true. Some couples find it strange when they began to share their overnight adventures with their partner and realize their loved one had the exact same dream!

Another version of this is having a dream that is what your partner is experiencing. For instance, a wife dreams of a fire alarm going off in a hotel where her husband is staying hundreds of miles away and then finds out it actually happened is a case like this.

The important thing with telepathic communication is to not let it freak you out. It is completely normal for those who are in love. It is something to be enjoyed and even developed as the years go one.