Angels That Can Help Find Love

Angels That Can Help Find Love

If you have been struggling with your love life lately or been trapped in endless bad dates, worried the “one: may never come, a bit of divine help may be the answer. Angels are communication masters because they move between earth and the heavens on divine missions. They are bringers of guidance, knowledge, and wisdom to humans. Since romance can be so complicated, yet important, we can all use a bit of help with the gifts from the angels.

Each angel plays a unique role in the hierarchy of heaven with some being especially suited to matters of love. These are the angels you should call on when you need confidence in love or just a boost to your confidence when you have forgotten your own worth and beauty. They can also help with creating a harmonious relationship an protect your heart when you are making yourself vulnerable in love. These angels are good at what they do because of an intimate connection to the greatest source of love in the universe. The five best angels to call on for love are shared below.


Michael is the mightiest archangel in God’s army and the one who led the charge against Satan. Though not the first angel you would typically associate with love, he is the military leader that should be connected with when it comes to the heart. We face fear daily and it often presents a barrier to our dreams in life. We let opportunities pass to talk to those we like out of fear. These connections are then missed, maybe lost forever.

This is why Michael is so important. He can provide strength, guidance, and bravery so we may act on romantic opportunities. Bravery is not the absence of fear, but acting in spite of it. This is what Michael can help you do, especially when struggling with nerves around love. Send up a prayer to this warrior angel and wait for his help.


If you find yourself fighting or in conflict with your romantic partner too often or misunderstandings are ruining an otherwise great relationship, then try calling on Raguel. This archangel is mentioned in the apocryphal Book of Enoch and is known for bringing harmony, by ending arguments and misunderstandings. Mostly, he is a manager of relationships between angels and humans. Raguel can work wonders when it comes to romance. Her offers wisdom and smooths out misunderstandings while bringing forgiveness, peace, and the calm of God. He can also help heal the worst of rifts in a miraculous manner. Raguel is also great to help attract new people so he is ideal if you are looking for someone new. He will only bring the best.


If you have been nursing a broken heart and past relationships are weighing you down, then call on archangel Raphael to heal the wounds. Most associated with healing, Raphael has been infused with God’s healing energies and can heal you, min, body, and soul. He gladly awaits your call. Raphael’s healing ability is unlimited, so offer up your worst pain and turmoil for him to take. His healing is often subtle, so you will get better slowly over time until one day, you are suddenly over the hurt of the past. There is no need to hold onto emotional baggage when Raphael can take it. Once he does, you can move on to a new healthy relationship with confidence and peace.


Communication is the most important skill when it comes to great relationships. Without the ability to convey needs, wants, boundaries, and even dreams, you cannot hope to elevate a relationship. The archangel Gabriel can be of help in this area. Presented in both the Old and New Testaments, he is a master of communication who was entrusted with delivering messages to Daniel, Zachariah, and even the virgin Mary. He is a powerful being that offers inspiration to teachers, writers, and artists so that their thoughts can be conveyed with grace and clarity.

If you struggle with communication issues, then Gabriel can use his powers to help you overcome any limitations. This allows you to say the right thing at the right time, even about emotions. Call on Gabriel for swift help in this area.


Finally, we come to Chamuel who will aid in the quest for love. Chamuel is available to help you relate to God and other people as he has near omniscient vision.  Chamuel can see connections, actual and potential, between things and people. If you pray for the right person to enter your life or a closer connection to someone, Chamuel will help.

This angel is most involved with finding whatever we seek and exploring connections we can make with others. If you are torn between two relationships, call on Chamuel for guidance. From where he sits, he can see the potential in each situation and guide you the right way. Chamuel can heal conflict, attract new people, and strengthen what already exists. If you crave intimacy and closeness, look no further than Chamuel.


God is the source of love in all things. His angels carry that love into our lives to heal us, guide us, and give us strength. If you are searching for love, call on the angels and wait for the divine intervention to happen so you can find true love.