Lessons from an Empath in Love

Lessons from an Empath in Love

Empaths often stay alone for much of life because being with someone else all the time can be overwhelming. They may want love, but the sensory overload is tough in an intimate relationship. The good news is things can change and the right relationship can bring growth and love that are unbeatable. Still, it will always be an adjustment.

The reason it is tough for the empath to be in a relationship is they require plenty of psychic space and quiet time for replenishment. Too much togetherness can cause sensory overload, just as if an empath were in a crowd, around loud sounds, or chronic talkers. Empaths absorb energy, stress, and negativity from others, meaning it takes a special person to be in a relationship. On the other end, joy, love, and compassion are also absorbed. This means that a long term relationship must be entered with deep understanding. Any relationship that lasts will require a partner who understands and respects the sensitivities of an empath and can be accepting of such. This does not mean it will not still be a struggle at times, but that you can work through the problems that occur.

If you are in such a relationship or just want to know what can be learned by being an empath or living with one, there are a few lessons that can be shared. These are listed below.

  • The empath will need alone time daily to be happy and sane. This is usually non-negotiable.
  • There will be many times the empath needs to sleep alone to have uninterrupted space for dreaming and rest. This is not to be away from their partner, but time to regroup.
  • The empath will need to work in whatever realm they choose. This may be a job outside the home or from home, but this is necessary for the empath to function.
  • The partner will need to be understanding when the empath is honest about being overwhelmed. It can be difficult for an empath to share or put their needs in words, but when they do it must be respected.
  • The empath will need to hear and compromise with their partner. This is a challenge but must be overcome for the long term.
  • The empath will need to grow their comfort level to tolerate anxiety a bit more with a partner.
  • The empath will need to feel their partners devotion as they navigate the changes together.
  • Each day, an empath will need time to play, be in nature, and interpret dreams.
  • When anxious or overloaded, the empath will need a moment to breathe, sleep, talk, or regroup as they find their center again.

Some empaths will never step into a long term relationship or be able to live with someone else because it is just too difficult. They may never feel ready to stretch themselves to such lengths. Intimate relationships can be part of a spiritual path, but it is not true for everyone. There are also advantages to remaining single. If you are an empath or even if you are just in love with one, hopefully these lessons are helpful. While each person is different, the journey is part of the fun and growth.