Affirmations to Help Attract a Soulmate

Attract a Soulmate

Most will willingly admit that they would love a relationship that serves to help us grow, brings joy, and fulfills our natural craving or love. Perhaps you keep attracting the wrong people or it seems your soulmate just will not show up. Soulmate affirmations are wonderful to begin practicing to help attract your soulmate. While affirmations are not the only piece necessary in order to attract your soulmate, we have included several to help you get started within the article.

Soulmate Explained

Soulmates are people you have a strong connection to and it feels like they are meant to be part of your life. These are not to be confused with twin flames that are two halves of a single soul. A soulmate is not someone who completes you or even those who are going to be with you forever. However, a soulmate is someone who promotes both your personal and spiritual growth and mirrors your strengths and weaknesses as you develop a stronger self-awareness. Soulmates will teach you profound lessons as they help you through the hardest of times and they will feel familiar. A soulmate may feel familiar and able to empathize deeply with you as they love you unconditionally.

Attracting Soulmates with Affirmations

Soulmates can serve you well, even if it is not a forever relationship. The time you spend together will teach you and them a great deal and allow you to grow. Affirmations are just one way to help you manifest this soulmate. Soulmate affirmations are about the Law of Attraction and if used the right way, affirmations can work quickly.

Affirmations to Try

Affirmations are personal, but a few favorites are shared below to get you started. Repeat one or several daily as you set your intention. Say them as needed to keep you grounded, but focused on finding your soulmate.

  • My heart is open and willing to receive and give love.
  • I trust the universe to provide my perfect match.
  • My soulmate is drawn into my loving, positive energy.
  • I am calling my soulmate right now.
  • I am deserving and worthy of a soulmate love that is deep.
  • I trust my intuition to lead me on a path to my soulmate.
  • Meeting my soulmate is my birthright from the divine.
  • A positive, loving energy between my soulmate and I is growing.
  • There is a magical connection between my soulmate and myself.
  • I believe in my ability to attract my soulmate.
  • The more I love myself, the more I can attract my soulmate.
  • To my soulmate, I am divinely irresistible.
  • I attract the love that I desire.
  • I release the past and let love flow freely into my life.
  • I trust myself and open every door to love.

While affirmations are great, used alone they are not the whole puzzle. Also make sure you are practicing self-love to keep your best interests at heart. Truly knowing yourself and your worth will repel those who are bad for you away. In addition, self-love will radiate from you and out to others, drawing those you wish to attract. Keep these things in mind and know that your soulmate will arrive when the time is right.