Recognizing Spirit Signs in the Universe

Recognizing Spirit Signs in the Universe

Losing a loved one is always difficult, but they often try to send us signs that they are still watching over us. The problem is, we are not taught to recognize these signs. If you have not been told how to recognize a sign, perhaps a simple assigning of a sign to a loved one can help you be more aware of their presence after death. When the assigned sign appears, take time to say hello to your loved one and thank them for sending it. They will receive this and use the sign more often to communicate. This does not just work with passed loved ones, but spirit guides and archangels as well. This helps you create a reference guide for different entities and loved ones. This also means you will not need a sign dictionary because you know who is sending the sign. Each is unique to you and your life because you assigned it. This will eventually lead to recognizing other signs in your life.

Getting Started

There are a few basic steps to take to assign a sign to a loved one, guide, master, or even angel. The process below can be repeated for each spirit you wish to hear from with consistency. Only do one at a time and repeat the process after someone has sent the sign you assigned.

  • Start by picking the person you would like to receive the sign from first.
  • Next, pick the sign you would like to receive and assign it. This could be a first name for a loved one or a favorite flower or birthdate. As an example, if your mother loved humming birds, then a hummingbird could be her sign to gain your attention. A specific item can also be assigned to guides.
  • Assign the sign by using the following prayer: “Dear universe, I call in my guides, angels, and loved ones who have passed on and others in my soul society with the highest vibrations, to be with me now. I call upon (name the person or guide) specifically because communication is desired. I would like to offer you the sign of (share the sign) to use as a way of communication to let me know you are communicating or simply around. I realize I have probably been missing signs from you, but I want to be more open in the future and accept that they are from you. Please use this sign in the next day or two so I know. I will ask my guides and angels to help me remain open and cognizant of the assigned sign. Thank you from all that is in me. Amen.”


Now, the most important part to remember is to accept the sign when it does come. This is not always easy to do because it requires a bit of faith and a lack of questioning. It is easy to believe a sign is simply coincidence even after we have assigned it. This is a missed opportunity that we cannot overlook. If you do receive a sign and recognize it, be certain you say yes to it and give thanks to the sign giver. Accept it, celebrate, and show gratefulness so you are even more open in the future.