Knowing Your Guardian Angel is Visiting You

Guardian Angel

Everyone has a guardian angel that watches over them in all things that they do. Some believe that the angels are there to watch out for our wellbeing and to help us to be guided in the right direction of life.

Others believe that the guardian angels come to give peace when someone loses a loved one. If you believe in guardian angels, then you will see that it can be hard to know when your angel is close to you.

There are certain ways that you can figure out your guardian angels name and there are also signs that your angel is close to you. These signs have been known by different people to feel when their spirit guide or angel is close to them. This is part of Spirit science as well.

Maybe you have had some of these signs happen to you while you were enjoying your day. If you believe in angels, here are some signs that you might have one close to you.


Dreams are one of the ways that your guardian angel can give you a sign. Some people have dreamed that their angels are watching over them and this can be a message to give you peace and hope.


People see orbs sometimes and associate them with their guardian angel. This could be a trick that your eyes are playing on you or it could be that your angels are close.

You might see an orb every day that you live, and you might even see orbs in pictures. Many believe this is their guides watching over them.

Smelling Things

If you are walking somewhere and out of nowhere you smell something that smells good, this can be that your guide is close to you.

Some believe that different scents are associated with different angels and the smell can be in the form of perfume, food, or other things.


A white feather might come to you out of nowhere or be on your path. This is a time where your angels might be there to share with you that they are with you. The feather is a safe way that you can know that your guide is close to you and this is a very common angel sign.

Baby and Kids

Maybe you are babysitting and out of nowhere the baby starts clapping or pointing at something you don’t see. Babies are prone to see angels even when we cannot, and this can be a big sign that your guides are near you.

The same thing can happen if you have a pet. If you see your pet interacting with something that isn’t there, this can be a sign that your angel is nearby.

Cloud Shapes

Sometimes your angels will come and show you their shape in the clouds. If you see the shape of an angel in the clouds, this can be your real angel there to tell you they are near.

Angel Numbers

Angel numbers can appear on your car clock, on the clock on your microwave, on license plates or even billboards.

These numbers are repeating numbers such as 2:22 or 11:11. These numbers might pop up when you need answers, and this is a sign that your angels are there to help.

Temperature Changes in the Room

If you are in the room and out of nowhere the temperature switches from hot to cold or cold to hot, this can be a sign that your angels have entered the room. This might be a way that you know that your angel is there to show you that they care.


You can talk to your angels and you can hear them respond to you. You can hear this through your ears and sometimes even in your mind.

Your angel might want to talk to you and if you hear your name, but no one is there, this can be your angel talking to you.

Not Alone

People sometimes feel that someone is in the room with them when no one is there. If this happens to you, this can be part of your senses telling you that your angel is near you.

Some believe that the guardian angel will appear when they want to give you a message.

Head Tingling

If your head starts tingling like when your arm or foot falls asleep, this can be your angels trying to communicate with you.

They will often tingle the crown of your head because this is where your spiritual communication starts.


Many people don’t believe in angels and spirit guides, but many people do. If you feel that your angels are around you and want to give you a sign or just let you know that they are there, embrace it and find joy that they are watching over you.