Shift Your Paradigm and Start Manifesting

Start Manifesting

The term paradigm shift is common when people are referring to some new approach to an idea or business. While this is accurate, we all also have paradigms inside of us. These are a group of habits and assumptions that build up and determine how our lives move forward. Living your best life requires you to look at the internal paradigms and control them. This can be confusing so we are here to help. We need to start with a thorough exploration of what a paradigm is so you fully understand and can shift as needed. Then, we must harness visualization skills to create this shift to support well-being and quality of life/ To do this, there are distinct steps which will also be clarified. Then these skills can be used with Law of Attraction exercises to boost manifestation potential.

Paradigm Defined

When talking about people, paradigm refers to the sum total of all your beliefs about the world. These beliefs are part of your subconscious and can lead you to build habits that are part of your default paradigm. Our internal paradigm starts forming in the first months of life and are influenced by caregivers as well as a larger society. The good news is, you can transform your paradigm and transform how you live. To do this, we must tap into our replacement beliefs and habits and then get them cemented into the unconscious.

Why Paradigm Shift?

The trick to knowing when it is time to facilitate a paradigm shift is knowing when your daily routine is no longer working for you. This is often when we feel stuck or depressed by our daily activities. Many people hold onto unproductive assumptions and behaviors for years or even a lifetime without questioning. When this happens, we do not achieve our dreams, even when using the Law of Attraction and manifestation techniques. We may end up listless and down which means change is needed. This change can come from a paradigm shift. This almost always involves aligning yourself with positivity so you see things through an optimistic lens and find joy in all things. You can embrace challenges and focus on how they help you grow. This leads you to feeling better about yourself and able to trust the universe for whatever you may need. Although this type of shift may sound just like what you need, it will take some work.

Shift with Visualization

There are a few distinct steps to shift your way of being in the world so you can be happier and more productive. These steps are closely associated with affirmations and vision board just as in the Law of Attraction techniques. If you have done these before, you have the basic skills, but if not it is easy to pick up.

  • Find Negative Occurrences and Causes – Attune yourself to your own negative habits and pay attention to what contributed to the situation. You should not blame yourself, but make sure to identify these areas and practice self-compassion.
  • Write Out Behavior – Once you recognize your bad habits, write them down as clearly as possible. If it helps, write these down where you can see them daily.
  • Identify the Opposite – Once these negative habits are written down, identify the complete opposite of it so you can locate good habits. Write these down and think about what life would be like if you practiced these new beliefs.
  • Write the Opposite – Make sure these new positive behaviors are written down where you can see them daily. This is the first substantive step of your shift.
  • Destroy the Old Habit – Renounce the old habits by getting rid of the paper or message it is written on. This can mean deleting the message, burning the paper, or tearing it apart. This is symbolic of getting rid of the habit in your life as well/ Say goodbye as this negative no longer serves you.
  • Write It Daily – Focus fully on creating new habits by rewriting your positive habit you wish to practice multiple times throughout the day. It can be tedious, but it is like rewriting the brain. Start out first thing in the morning to set a positive tone for the day.

As you complete these steps, repeat them with each new positive habit. You should slowly see how much more positive you are in life and this will attract more positivity. The added positivity will help you manifest. Keep up the work over time to maintain this positivity.

Power Your Dreams

Now that you know how to instigate and sustain a paradigm shift, you can use other related techniques to build your manifestation skills. Dream journaling can be a wonderful place to start as it is a natural extension of the same skills. Dream journaling asks you to expand your writing to create an entire narrative about the life you want to create. This can be rewritten as you enhance your focus.