Dream Walking

Dream Walking

The mind has always been a mystery and this article talks about the concept of entering someone else’s dream.  Dreams are interesting and have been a study of humans for years and years.  Dreams have inspired things such as history and events.

Astral projection is when a soul leaves one body to go into another time or place.  One question is if people can actually meet in these spaces.

Some people think the answer is no while others think that when dreams happen that this is a sign of astral projection.  This is when the soul of someone leaves the body to go into someone else’s dream.  Some think this is confusing and part of the confusion of dreams.

There are always exceptions such as psychic dreams or lucid dreams which can be vivid and exciting for the dreamer.  An out of body experience can be dream like and can allow someone to leave their body to enter another dream.

Would You Want to Go There?

You might want to know about astral projection or sharing a dream with someone but seeing a dream for problem solving could be even more interesting.

It is important to understand why you want to know this or experience this and be honest with yourself as to why you want this information.  Remember to think how it would feel if it was reversed and someone wanted in your dream.

Make sure you are having pure intentions when you want this.

How to Enter Someone Else’s Dreams

The first way is to make sure you have a good purpose for doing it.  Have a clear focus.

Then, think about the person and think about what it would take to enter their dream.

Meditate on their face and think about their ideas without putting your own ideas in the way.  Make sure you can align with their energies.

When you fall asleep, hold on to them in your mind and try to get into their skin.  Try to enter their dream by crossing over to their dreamworld.  When you wake up, ask them if they saw you in their dream.

Another way to practice this is by lucid dreaming.  Know that you are dreaming and see what you can do while you are dreaming such as flying or picking up a table.  Focus on being in the dreamworld and find things that are familiar to you.


Entering someone’s dream can be complicated and takes a lot of practice.  One problem is that when you get into someone else’s dream, you will see what the enemy is trying to do to the person.

You need to make sure that you have good intentions.  What if there is mental illness?  What if the dreamer you enter has problems with darkness that you don’t know about?  Do you want to see their sickness?

What if you see negative energies there?  Make sure that you do not enter into people’s dreams without permission.  This is a violation to them.


The best advice is probably to make sure that you work on this with the person that you want to enter into heir dream.  This can make this a successful venture.  You are never sure what that person will dream unless they share it with you.

If you get the answers you are hoping for though, it might just be worth it!