Intentions That Will Not Manifest: How to Handle It

Intentions That Will Not Manifest: How to Handle It

Many times, we set a powerful intention to manifest a specific thing in life like buying a dream home or meeting a soulmate. It is great to dream big in life, so this is normal. Perhaps you have been intently focused on this intention for months or years with no manifestation. This happens when there is too much energetic resistance that comes from an obsession or timeframes that are highly unrealistic.

When Desires Won’t Manifest

Impatience leads to vibrational constipation. No matter how hard we push, we must wait for things to be arranged and flow easily to the end point or desire. The more patience we have on a given intention the faster it will manifest. If you are struggling to manifest your desires, try the following.

  • Stop obsessing – Focusing on the lack of manifestation actually blocks it further. Distract yourself with physical activities or a movie, anything that will bring immediate joy.
  • Remember what manifesting is about – Manifesting is about how we feel, not stuff. Focus on the moment and manifest the beauty in each and every one.
  • Divine timing – Everything is aligned with our soul needs and divinely planned or guided. Let go of anything unrealistic.

To manifest abundance in life we must be ready to create a deeper connection with the universe. This will strengthen intuition and manifestations.