Different Ways to Manifest Things in Your Life

Manifest Things in Your Life

What if you could manifest anything into your life that you wanted? If you have ever looked online or been on social media, you have probably heard of the 17 second manifestation tips that help you to get what you want.

What is Manifestation?

The Law of Attraction says that you can get whatever you manifest into your life by using your mind and your emotions to attract positive things. If you want to get things into your life, you need to change your mindset and change how you think about things.

There are different people such as Oprah and Will Smith that have used manifestation techniques to get what they want.

Here are some manifestation techniques that will get you what you want:

369 Manifestation

One of the ways that you can get what you want is through the 369 Manifestation Technique. This is a method where you write down what you want 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the evening and 9 times at night. You do this for 45 days.

This method is from Nikola Tesla, and he believes that the 3, 6, 9 are part of the universe and making things happen. He said that you could understand the meaning of the numbers if you looked deeply, and you would see why these numbers help to manifest things.

17 Second Manifestation

This is the Law of Attraction manifestation by Abraham Hicks. This means that you can take 17 minutes to get vibrations and if you have 4 different thoughts that are pure and free then you can do this for 68 seconds and you will get what you need.

He says that 17 seconds will raise your vibrations and will help you to attract what you want. This is a time to concentrate on what you need and get it.

5 Manifestation Steps

If you want to manifest things in your life, you can do these things:

  • Find a quiet place to go where you won’t be distracted.
  • Say positive affirmations that go with your desires.
  • Apply the 17 second rule and think on these things for 17 seconds.
  • Write down your affirmations 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon and 9 times at night for 45 days.
  • Let your mind be pure.

You can also do your own techniques and write things down or learn to visualize what you want to get the same outcome. Do this each morning, afternoon and night and concentrate on what you want.


You can use affirmations for whatever you want, and you need to make sure that your affirmations are powerful. Do what you can to keep this in mind when you choose what affirmations you will use.

Using “I want” are not affirmations and you have to state things as if you have already received them in your life. Learn what you desire and associate your life with these desires. Be thankful for what you have and for what you will get.

Make sure that you are emotional when you show your thankfulness because the universe knows what you are feeling and if you don’t mean it, you won’t get what you want.

If you are doing these tips for the first time, keep going and see if you can be successful with whatever you desire and dream. These tips are easy to do, and you can use this as an advantage to manifest whatever you want in your life.

If you need guidance on manifesting, find a psychic to talk to or read more online.