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Using Your Brain for Clairaudience

Having clairaudient powers means that you are able to hear things in the spiritual world. People that have this gift and are brave and able to listen can get the guidance that they need to reach their higher self. Have you ever heard something when there wasn’t anything there and you wonder if you are clairaudient? This is a French word that means “clear hearing”, and this means that you can hear ...[Read More]

How to Use Self-Healing to Better Your Life

Everyone knows that the body and the mind affect each other. If you get your heartbroken after a breakup, you will have pains in your body and your mood will be down and this can lead to other sicknesses. You are able to self-heal though and many people do not realize that they can use this to be better in their bodies. There are ways that you can learn to spiritually heal yourself. There are thin...[Read More]

Energy Healing to Develop Your Psychic Gifts

People often ask if anyone can be psychic, and the answer is always yes. People have natural gifts and abilities that can help to make them psychic. Some people will take the word intuitive and realize that being intuitive is a natural psychic gifting. Everyone is intuitive and has intuition and therefore it means that everyone can be psychic. Some giftings can help you to have more power in your ...[Read More]

Different Ways to Manifest Things in Your Life

What if you could manifest anything into your life that you wanted? If you have ever looked online or been on social media, you have probably heard of the 17 second manifestation tips that help you to get what you want. What is Manifestation? The Law of Attraction says that you can get whatever you manifest into your life by using your mind and your emotions to attract positive things. If you want...[Read More]

How to Understand Your Shadow Self

Finding and understanding your shadow can help you to reach your fulfillment in life. This can help you to identify with yourself and to understand yourself more, according to Carl Jung, psychologist. Jungian Theory Carl Jung was a psychoanalysis, and he studied the human psyche. He was one that would look at people and would research how they acted and who they were. Jung would look at the person...[Read More]

Changing Your Spiritual Journey

Are you someone that keeps having breakdowns and you aren’t sure why? Do you feel that everything is falling apart in your life? The great thing about this is that breakdowns can cause you to have breakthroughs in your life. Do you go through hard things and you wonder what is happening in your life? Do you feel that you are looking for answers, but you are never getting them? Spiritual Change Spi...[Read More]

Affirmations to Help Attract a Soulmate

Most will willingly admit that they would love a relationship that serves to help us grow, brings joy, and fulfills our natural craving or love. Perhaps you keep attracting the wrong people or it seems your soulmate just will not show up. Soulmate affirmations are wonderful to begin practicing to help attract your soulmate. While affirmations are not the only piece necessary in order to attract yo...[Read More]

Listening to Your Inner Voice

Everyone has an inner voice. The amount we trust it depends on how “fact-based” we are versus how “faith-based” we are. Those who demand logic and science will often brush aside those inner feelings because they seem to make no sense. Those who know there are things in the universe we don’t understand often will give their inner voices more credence and follow its ins...[Read More]

How to Know What Spiritual Centering Is

When you work with energy one of the biggest things that you need to know about is centering. To learn to center yourself, you have to learn to be more mindful about what is going on in your life. You then have to learn to do things such as meditate or perform yoga. Centering is based on your spirituality, and it is a milestone that you can reach once you learn to understand and know yourself bett...[Read More]

3 Triggers All Empaths Should Avoid

Experiencing people’s emotions as if they were one’s own is a main empathic trait.  This hypersensitivity can be a positive with immense capacity to understand, care, and be intuitive to other’s needs.  However, there can be dark sides to being so caring.  Empaths must become aware to how energy impacts them and their health.  They must learn how to identify triggers as early as possible to set he...[Read More]

What Questions Should I Ask My Psychic?

During moments of turmoil in our lives it is helpful to turn to a psychic.  Yet, sessions can feel like a whirlwind because it seems like the time can speed by.  It can be helpful to identify key questions you want to ask and issues you when to address.  Keep reading to discover some of the most pressing questions and tips on how to prepare for your next reading. What questions should I ask? If yo...[Read More]

Does Seeing 111 Indicate You Will Meet Your Twin Flame

Seeing the number 111 frequently can a be a powerful sign from your angels.  Thus, it is considered to be a lucky omen that signifies your wishes and dreams will soon be realized.  The number is also associated with twin flames, where a soul is split it half and resides in two distinct bodies.  When the number 111 appears, the angels may be directing you to a new opportunity in life to achieve a g...[Read More]