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Shift Your Paradigm and Start Manifesting

The term paradigm shift is common when people are referring to some new approach to an idea or business. While this is accurate, we all also have paradigms inside of us. These are a group of habits and assumptions that build up and determine how our lives move forward. Living your best life requires you to look at the internal paradigms and control them. This can be confusing so we are here to hel...[Read More]

Why Does it Hurt So Much to Have a Soulmate?

Everyone is always looking for a soulmate but one thing that they don’t realize is that their soulmate will hurt them. Why does your soulmate hurt you? A soulmate relationship should be something that is a different standard than other relationships, but the truth is that your soulmate will hurt you along the way and you will never get a real answer as to why that happens. Your soulmate will have ...[Read More]

Learn to Cleanse Your Aura

Your aura is the place where your energy flows around you. This energy is from inside of you and from the energy outside that you attract. When your aura has a lot of negative energy in it, it can leave you feeling bad and leave you feeling heavy and upset. There are things that you can do to make sure that your aura is cleansed and keep you feeling healthy and strong. Smudging One great practice ...[Read More]

Knowing Your Guardian Angel is Visiting You

Everyone has a guardian angel that watches over them in all things that they do. Some believe that the angels are there to watch out for our wellbeing and to help us to be guided in the right direction of life. Others believe that the guardian angels come to give peace when someone loses a loved one. If you believe in guardian angels, then you will see that it can be hard to know when your angel i...[Read More]

Spiritual Baths That You Can Do When Stuck at Home

Do you ever find that you are stuck at home and that you need to make sure that you are strong and staying spiritual? During 2020, we all know that quarantine was a real thing. Many people experienced stress and anxiety because of this and they didn’t know how to fight this. There are different things that you can do to fight the stress and anxiety that you feel in your life and you can get rid of...[Read More]

Getting Rid of Karmic Debt and Overcoming Karmic Relationships

Karma is something that has come in your life and has always been in your life. Karma is there to teach you lessons and to help you to be more understanding of your actions and of your own peace and joy. Karma happens by a cause and effect. If you do something positive, karma will give you positive things in your life and if you do something negative, you will be returned negativity. It is importa...[Read More]

Developing Your Healing Practices

Everyone is looking for peace in their life and regardless of what religion you choose to practice, there are steps that you can work at to find peace. Know Your Creator The first thing is to know who your creator is. Remember we are small compared to our creator so always be humble and kind. Make the World Better Show love into the world and fill the world with kindness. Do things to make yoursel...[Read More]

How the Quartz Crystal Can Bring Healing into Your Life

There are many crystals that can help to heal your mind and body. These stones are precious, and they have been around since ancient times. Some of the crystals are used to get rid of negative energy, to protect you and to keep you grounded. Many of the crystals are used for healing and the quartz crystal is one of them that are very powerful and strong. Quartz Crystals One of the most abundant cr...[Read More]

The Chi Imprint in Your Home

If you have ever wondered if when people enter your home that they can cause your chi to be negative, the answer is yes. Our chi allows us to feel good and when we have relationships that are in our home, we have to make sure that the chi is strong and that our spaces are healthy and positive. You need to make sure that you take charge of your chi and that you make sure that your home is filled wi...[Read More]

Connecting with Your Twin Flame and Soulmate

When you have a connection with a soulmate or a twin flame, it will be a relationship that is full of empathy and love. This is a connection that will help you to understand each other more and to be compassionate about the things that you are both going through. A soulmate or a twin flame relationship will be wild and there will be plenty of emotions that happen. This is not always good nor bad. ...[Read More]

Handling Conflict as an Empath

Empathy is truly a double-edged sword. The empath can feel out undercurrents of a topic and bring things to the surface others may not see, but when faced with conflict, this same empath may end up having an overcrowded mind. Empaths absorb the emotional content of a room whether it is good, bad, or indifferent. This is exhausting, but just because you can feel all the conflict, does not mean you ...[Read More]

Good Vibrational Energy

Vibrational energy is associated to your spirit and there are ways that you can connect your spirit with your mind and have a healthy life. Everything is full of energy and when you learn to focus on the energy and you align it to each person, you will find that everyone has a different frequency that their energy vibrates on. Vibrational energy is an energy that is strong, and this is a good ener...[Read More]

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