Listening to Your Inner Voice

Listening to Your Inner Voice

Everyone has an inner voice. The amount we trust it depends on how “fact-based” we are versus how “faith-based” we are. Those who demand logic and science will often brush aside those inner feelings because they seem to make no sense.

Those who know there are things in the universe we don’t understand often will give their inner voices more credence and follow its instructions. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Scientists and psychologists, who once said hearing a voice of any kind was a sure sign of lunacy, are now saying hearing an inner voice is not only normal but helpful. While they can’t explain it, an inner voice seems to know details about our lives, our feelings, and even our future than we do.

The only true evidence of inner voices being correct is anecdotal. Most everyone has the story of something directing them away from a certain area or their inner voice telling them not to go a certain way.

Safety Guide

One psychic shared her story from 1980. She wanted to mail a Christmas card but didn’t have any stamps. The woman headed to the post office but something kept telling her to go back. She ignored the gut feeling but then coincidentally ran into her brother. He convinced her to forego buying stamps and go shopping with him.

Gunshots rang out as they were shopping. Someone held up the post office, the very place she was going, at gunpoint. No one was hurt but the gunman got away.

Inner voices can do more than keep you safe. They can direct you to opportunities, warn you of scams, help you meet your true love, and even help you find the right car, home, or other things that make you happy.

Car Guidance

There is a story of a young woman who needed a car. Her inner voice told her to go to a certain dealer and look at a specific car. She did. The car salesman informed her, after being told more about her situation, that she would never get approved for a loan to get the car. She insisted she would and said she would wait until he made some calls.

She waited almost the whole day. The salesman kept coming out to tell her he had no luck and she should give up and go somewhere else. She would not. Then, about 10 minutes before closing, the salesman came to tell her that he had financing for her to buy the car.

House Hunter

Another woman was looking to move to a new town for a job. The rent at various locations was too high and she had never owned a home. She thought about testing God on the subject as she wanted to own but didn’t make a lot of money. She prayed that if God wanted her to own a home, it had to be a certain home.

She had specifics. Three bedrooms, two baths, a fireplace, a big yard for her dog were part of the requirements. Also, it had to have blue tones somewhere in the design. She liked blue.

One day, on her way back to her apartment in another town, an inner voice directed her to turn off into a neighborhood. As she did, she saw a “for sale” sign in front of a house.

She went up to the empty yellow house. There was a huge yard in the front and back. It had blue shutters. She looked in the windows. It had three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a fireplace, and blue carpet! She bought the house, as the owner said he felt “compelled” to sell it to her and he even helped her get a loan!

It may feel crazy to listen to your inner voice at first. Once you start testing it out, making notes of how accurate it is, you begin to build trust with that gut feeling. All it takes is a few times of ignoring it to show you just how valuable it is.